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  1. Vengeancemaster73

    the 2 stroke picture thread

    Do you have reeds? Mine has a bunch of bottom end! lol But mostly Mid. I didnt specify but mines a shorty too. I think reeds give you alot of bottom. I ve had reeds on all my bikes and they always had a bunch of low. I had a platinum pipe on my 125 and that bike had a bunch of low. I agree when i let people ride it im scarred too! I rode a buddys cr250 03 and it was just lacking everywhere. My yz125 coulve gave it a run for its money. lol :excuseme:
  2. Vengeancemaster73

    Everyones New Bike

    The point of this thread is to display your new Bike or new to you. When you get a new bike post it here! Also post the price of the bike and Aftermarket parts it came with if any, and Aftermarket parts you plan on upgrading to in the future. Heres mine I just got a 2006 YZ250 Purchased for 3200 It came with Black Prowheels and hub, Renthal chain and sprocket,Factory connection suspension, Pro Circuit pipe and silencer, Vforce3 reeds. I plan on upgrading to Tag t2 Handlebars sometime soon! These are pics with my numbers on now.
  3. Vengeancemaster73

    the 2 stroke picture thread

    I love that pipe. lol I also have vforce 3 reeds and PC 304 silencer. The bike rips. So much power. I get guys afraid to ride it and there riding 250 2t too.lol I do both Motox and Hairscrambles. I prob ride woods the most though.
  4. Vengeancemaster73

    How long will Yamaha continue to make 2 strokes??

    I dont know about you guys but I love the aluminum frame compared to the steel frame simply for the fact that it does not rust and theirs no paint to scratch. I hated my old bike for the reason it rusted and I would have to take wd40 after every ride and spray it. My new yz250 looks awsome and is friggen light. lol I bleed Yamaha But if i saw a deal on a KTM i'd snatch it!
  5. Vengeancemaster73

    the 2 stroke picture thread

    06 yz250
  6. Vengeancemaster73

    Rate the bike above

    7.3 Nice CRF Just get it running now. lol Mine 06 yz250
  7. Vengeancemaster73

    possible bad news

    Dude dont listen to a word they say. Ive been to Razees and ive called the guys there on some stuff and they just shut right up. Buy maybe hes right? Maybe they will make a yz144 & yz300?
  8. Vengeancemaster73

    Yz250 or 250f?

    I just cant decide between the two. There both awsome bikes. There both 06. Im leaning towards the 2t because you can now race them in the same class as 250f and thats the class i want to race in. Ive rode a crf250 04 and liked it a wr426 and liked it. But i havnt rode a yz 250 or 250f. Whats your guy's opinions on this subject? Thanks!
  9. Vengeancemaster73

    Pics of your bike hauler

    All the time. lol Nice rides everyone!
  10. Vengeancemaster73

    How Much Longer Can U Race A 2 Stroke?

    2t will be around for a while dude. Youll be able to race them for a while. I think yamaha is gona have a efi 2t soon. I can wish! lol:prof:
  11. Vengeancemaster73

    250f vs real 250

    ^^^ Lmfao
  12. Vengeancemaster73

    more power?

    Dr. D baby!
  13. Vengeancemaster73

    My First Dirtbike WR426

    The wr 426 is one of my favorite bikes. Its the cadillac of dirtbikes. Enjoy and when u get better at dirtbiking do the free mods. Itll be a completly new bike! lol peace:ride:
  14. Vengeancemaster73

    How many people....

    Didnt mean to be that harsh. lol But its like two different worlds up here and down there. Down there you didnt have to worry about anything. Just get on ur bike and have fun. Rhode Island has way to much political bologne. thats my take. Anyone know some spots in mass? group ride? pm me peace