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  1. greg drummonds

    CRF250R throttle tube for beginers (TEENS)

    Hey, Thanks for the info. I'm not gonna worry about it anymore. I guess I'll have to find something else to worry about like him going fast in front of Mom... She is pretty good about being preoccupied soes not to watch him. Again Thanks.....Spyders Dad
  2. greg drummonds

    putting on graphics?

    Just a snippit: Use Dawn dish soap, 1 part soap,5 parts water. Mix slowly, no bubbles. As you use the soap it will clean the oils off the plastic as you work.That's all... Good luck
  3. greg drummonds

    05 CRF250R - throttle control

    R.W. I'm loking too... no luck yet. The kid needs a throttle tube.
  4. My son just bought a 250R and the throttle is a 1/4 turn set up. Can I change it to a more forgiving throttle? He has been riding for 3 years but on a 150F. Big change...
  5. greg drummonds

    XR100R fork oil capacity

    Thank you much. If he can ride it, he can learn to fix it. Spyders Dad
  6. greg drummonds

    XR100R fork oil capacity

    Can someone tell me how much oil I need in each fork for a xr100r Honda? It's an 1985 classic.It belongs to my son and we are going to rebuild the forks tomorrow. Please help us tonight if you-all can. Greg