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  1. kpatrick

    Thumbs down for I-90 Motorsports in Issaquah

    I did read your post. 1.) How were you "cheated"? You didn't buy the bike from them right? Did they take money from you somehow and not give it back? Did they sell you something defective? 2.) Kelley book value is an estimate. Neither dealer nor private party are under contract to sell for exactly what the book says regardless of which book. There is no written law, and the book is not some sort of retail "bible" that dealers or private parties need to abide by. I have sold many vehicles for over "book" value because the buyer saw the value in it (super clean, mods, lack of available supply etc.). I searched Cycletrader (not Cyclehutt like you mentioned), and the only used 690 SMC that I saw was I-90's. 3.) What relevance does the location of the bike make? Was it in a box in the back of service? Was it located in the bathroom or something? How do you come to the conclusion that the location of the bike not makes it their demo? 4.) If you really believe that you were lied to by the salesperson, then take it to management. If that fails, then you have done your due diligence and can proceed to throw stones on the internet. How else can the dealers (or any other business for that matter) not get better in customer service if one doesn't inform them of their problems with their staff or policies? If you have been going there since '02, you are more than entitled to speak with a manager and voice your opinion(s). Don't be passive-aggressive. You will be amazed what results you can acheive and how many managers appreciate the feed back. I do it all the time. Especially in the restaurant business...
  2. kpatrick

    Thumbs down for I-90 Motorsports in Issaquah

    "Does anyone else see this as a problem,," The point I was simply trying to make is that people aren't perfect and you can't expect a dealer's service dept. to be either. Mistakes will happen. They might promise a time and not deliver due to unseen circumstances. That flat spot might not be totally eliminated etc. Service depts in any industry have a lot of pressure to fix it now and for little as possible and to be perfect every time.
  3. kpatrick

    Thumbs down for I-90 Motorsports in Issaquah

    Sounds like the OP had a personality conflict with the salesperson. How this thread can turn into a general dealer bashing over a used/demo bike amazes me. Also, for all those throwing wood onto this fire, did the OP make an effort to talk to management about his problems with the purchase of the bike? Did he make an insulting offer to the salesperson who decided to just blow him off? Does his frustrations with the salesperson deserve a "this dealership sucks" post? We all know that everyone is pounding on each other for a wholesale deal. Some people even demand it like they think they deserve it. What everyone needs to remember is that the dealers mentioned in this thread are a business and they need to make a profit. They can't always stock every part. They can't always sell a bike for dealer cost. They can't always repair your bike perfectly everytime on time. Point I am trying to make: Threads like this are worthless. If the OP has been going to I-90 since '02, something must have gone right all those years....
  4. kpatrick

    Interesting oil observation...worth reading!

    Based on this thread and others like it, I decided to hell with motor oil. I am not going to use it anymore. Besides, it's not very eco-friendly anyways. I am going to run coconut oil through and through....
  5. kpatrick

    88 XR600 magnesium side case question

    Good job on the cases! Did you powder coat or rattle can them? I remember the old GB500 cases which were polished. I always thought that they looked pretty cool.
  6. kpatrick

    650L head

    It's smooth to the touch; no rough spots on either the cam or journal. I am going to send it off to XR's Only for some porting and I will see what they say about it. Just wondering if anyone has seen this. Don't remember seeing this on past L's.
  7. kpatrick

    650L head

    Had a little leak on my exhaust ports. My FMF header was a little more difficult to seat up than the stocker and I played with it for quite awhile. I always replace the exhaust crush gaskets when I remove the header. I was a little concerned how close the silencer is to the airbox. No problems though after 3000 miles. Considering going back to the stock header due to the ease of fit and the shield. There is no power gain over stock with the FMF, but it does look good though. I have never had a Staintune exhaust and might have to try them out.
  8. kpatrick

    650L head

    Here it is after 3500 miles. Notice where the cam has no bearings. I guess it got a little hot here.
  9. kpatrick

    Is this true??

    Do you have some more pictures of those bags mounted?
  10. Hum......good to know. Anyone know where I can get a diesel rabbit?
  11. kpatrick

    Head work on 650L

    Any pricing on the WPC coatings? Sounds interesting since I have everything apart right now. I will probably give XR's Only a shot with the head work.
  12. kpatrick

    Head work on 650L

    Material I guess. And it's on one lobe only. The guys at Xr's are pretty adamant about it though...
  13. kpatrick

    Head work on 650L

    How is the condition of your Hot Cam? Any problems with the cam lobe closest to the cam sprocket? Just wondering as the guys from XR's Only don't seem to like the Hot Cam.
  14. kpatrick

    Head work on 650L

    I see that XR's Only did the head work on your bike. How long ago and what can you say of their work?
  15. kpatrick

    Head work on 650L

    Thinking about a port and polish with a valve job. Motor has 3000 easy miles. Don't know if it is just a waste of time or not. I have heard of Rob Barnum, EPS ( scott's performance), and XR's only. Not worried too much on price. I am worried about someone hacking up my head though. Bottom line, I am doing a piston and a cam and hope to get some where around 40hp (right now I am at 35). Want to bump the compression up to the limit on pump gas which according to people on the forum, seems to be less than 10:1. As far as the cam goes, the dudes at XR's Only said to stay away from the Hot cam due to premature wear on the lobe closest to the cam sprocket. Has anyone else seen this? Not sure what to do. Have a little paralysis analysis as to what setup I should run.