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  1. offroadtoad

    Who's Got The Oldest (working) Bike?

    1979 Can-Am Qualifier 250 Enduro 75 MPH Lazyboy
  2. offroadtoad

    Post your old school pics

    1979 Can-Am Qualifier
  3. offroadtoad

    whats your fav photo

    Last ride before the snow...
  4. offroadtoad


    What ? There is something else ???????? Haha I dunno, I sure have a blast on that bike. I'm only a weekend warrior so for me the DRZ is great. Versatility, ultra reliable and the price was right. Puts a smile on my face.
  5. offroadtoad


    Yep, it's a DRZ400e. Mostly stock except rad guards, case savers, handguards. Oh ya......... forgot about my new light........... Don't worry, it's just there for the pic.
  6. offroadtoad


    Thought I'd share a pic from the last ride this year. Lots of snow up here now. Might have to find some studded tires My buddy snapped this about a month ago near Smith, Alberta. Just me cresting a sand hill.
  7. offroadtoad

    Vintage bikes!

    1979 Can-Am 250 Qualifier
  8. offroadtoad

    Best place for oem parts????

    Myler's repaired this rad for me. Get yourself some Unabiker's with the money you'll save.
  9. offroadtoad

    hehe...broken things

    I'm sure there's a few of broken these....................
  10. offroadtoad

    Myler's Magic

    Finally got my rad back from Myler's - as promised here are some before and after pics. It ended up costing around $140 CND including shipping both ways which is less than half of buying new. Not the prettiest repair but the Unabiker's I bought with the money I saved will cover it up. Before: Before Close-up: After: After Close-up: Kudo's to Myler's !!
  11. offroadtoad

    Good, bad, ugly....

    I'm in Edmonton as well. I have been to all those places years ago - just getting back into riding again. I've been riding near Smith and Slave Lake recently. Cadomin is always a great place to go.
  12. offroadtoad

    Good, bad, ugly....

    I guess the rad is useless as it sits so I'll send her away - can't hurt. They are supposed to have a good turn around too. I'll be sure to get some before and after pics if they're able to fix it. Thanks Neil! Like I said armor is definitely in the future. I opted for the case savers first. Any recommendations for the rad guards? Devol and Unabiker seem to be popular.
  13. offroadtoad

    Good, bad, ugly....

    Yes it is the same hill. There were many chutes going out of there but that was the easiest of the bunch. I tried two different hills - DRZ ripped them both up The other ones were near vertical and not a lot of room at the bottom to get any speed. I did look at their site - it seems they can repair bent or warped rads but what about a 1.5" hole ? I was thinking to snap a pic of the damage and email it to Mylers to see what they think before I ship it. Thanks!
  14. offroadtoad

    Good, bad, ugly....

    Hey everybody, Just got back from a great long weekend of riding with the DRZ. The weather is wicked once again up here anyways... A few pics for ya.... but first...... does anybody have a RH radiator for a 2003 DRZ400e ?!? That is before I shell out $345 CND for a new one. My last ride before heading home, I clipped the end of a tree hanging onto the trail and somehow it broke off and swung around right through the rad Seems to me a few of you have been stressing about armor for those things...... rad guards were the next item on my shopping list too...... little too late. Oh well, enjoy the pics.
  15. offroadtoad

    Noob in the mad house.

    Thanks for the quick (and correct) responses!!! The wires definitely have to be connected to run. The bracket is bent over - that's why I couldn't figure it out. That must be why my headlight shakes like a caffeine overdose. Thanks again!