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  1. HuskyT

    05 450 tc? ok for hare scramble/enduro?

    This bike is bullet proof. I have over 300 race and ride hours on mine. Glen Helen etc... go for it. Zero issues. As far as riding for a long time...again... zero issues. T
  2. Pretty cool what Husky did in a number of places this weekend. T
  3. HuskyT

    2004 kx 65...

    Thanks Shorty! Is there any concern or difference with the A1 ( 2000) that would be different from the A4...? T
  4. HuskyT

    2004 kx 65...

    Do any of you have jetting information for a KX65 Will be riding desert, Glen Helen and Mileston in SoCal 100 to 3000 ft Needle Pilot Fuel screw setting etc. I picked up a very good condition 2000 KX 65 and want to go through the carb... Also - just picked up new clutch plates any recomendations on setting up the clutch and or oil to use... planning on using Bel-Ray 80-90.... unless you all reccomend something different... T
  5. HuskyT

    2000 KX 65 Questions

    Thanks Guys!
  6. HuskyT

    2000 KX 65 Questions

    Just bought a used 2000 KX 65 for my 6 year old son to transition up to from a CRF 50. We currently ride Milestone MX in Riverside and Glen Helen and we are starting to transition him from the peewee tracks onto the adult beginner tracks. He is quite tall for his age and fits the 2000 KX 65 well. I understand the frame is 2" shorter on the 2000 / 2001 from the 2002 on up models? Can anyone give me a full breakdown on the differences between the newer models and the 2000 model. Are the 2000 Procircuit pipes different for the earlier 2000 model? Will plastics / graphics for 2000 thru 2009 fit all models? ANy other major differences? A local welder told me that he thought the 2000/2001 models had a problem with frame cracks on just below the steering stem ? or was this on the newer models? Anything to watch for specifically on this bike? Thanks, T
  7. HuskyT

    Husqvarna Sunday Ride Topic

    I'm starting to wonder where the real Husky Riders are? I'm almost always the only one showing up at the local SoCal MX tracks on my Husky ( Glen Helen, Perris, Milestone) ... mind you this isn't Sunday Trail riding... but when I do go trail riding, we almost always stop and get Starbucks. Coffee is good and it doesn't taste like the regular crap I used to get in the Marine Corps. JMO T
  8. HuskyT

    2005 Tc450?

    '05's do not have kickstarters. They are Electric start only..... unless someone has added the kicker. There is absolutely no need for a kicker on this bike. If your battery should fail ( like the guy above) simply push start your bike. It is very easy. IF you do want the security... add the kicker. My battery lasted exactly three years. I replaced the stock Yuasa $114 or more with a Powerstride battery with almost twice the CCA's for $49.00. It starts way better with the Powerstride battery. Yuasa batteries are way overpriced. I run a Procircuit TI-4 Race exhaust and run strictly VP 100 race fuel. T
  9. HuskyT

    2005 Tc450?

    I have a 2005 TC 450 and have between 250 and 300 race and hard ride hours on it. I race Glen Helen GP MX and ride all of the local Southern California tracks. I have had exactly zero issues with it. I haven't even had to reset the valves. $2500 tops if it is in really good shape. T
  10. HuskyT

    Best looking 2006-2009 bike contest!

    toothbrush no toothbrush
  11. HuskyT

    Your best Husky Photos for 2009!!

  12. HuskyT

    Your best Husky Photos for 2009!!

    This is a shot from the SRA GP MX at Glen Helen on Jan 25th.... I had battled with the guy on the '09 KXF 450 for over half of the third lap ( four mile laps) Finally broke away from him on this uphill at Talladega.... 3RD place Podium finish T
  13. HuskyT

    Passion, Inspiration, Action

    Still working on it slowly as time permits.... has been an incredibly busy year .... kind of got derailed with my 4 year old sons T-ball , Flag Football, kick ball , Swimming, pre-school and overall zest for life.... throw in my 7 year old daughters music, piano recitals, Brownie ( girlscouts) functions and all the social functions an active girl can have plus crap that the economy has had this year has limited funds and time for my project.... but I wouldn't trade any of it.... time with the kids is priceless.... Now ... my mom and dad are coming to visit from Canada for three months.... maybe Grandpa, my son and I can get started on that fork rebuild and maybe have her rolling by Christmas.... all the parts are prepped and ready .. just need some time!!!! T
  14. HuskyT

    '07 TC450 recommendations?

    I think there is a dealer in Kamloops???? Wetdog??? do you know...? Also anything from anywhere can be had for a husky within 2 days! T