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  1. CruiseControl

    Sold the DRZ

    That is a pretty slick setup on that ST. When I was doing triathlons regularly, there was a guy who would show up on an old CB750 with his tri bike strapped on. It was always a hoot to see him coming. I'm sure I will get another bike (motorcycle) before too long. I'm still holding out hope that Honda or Suzuki will come out with some type of adventure 650. While the hopped up drz was great, there is no replacement for big displacement, at least that's my opinion.
  2. CruiseControl

    Sold the DRZ

    Well, after a year with the 05 sm, I sold it last week. I liked the bike and it was a blast to ride but I found that I just have way too many hobbies and wasn't getting to ride it enough. Mountain biking and running have taken over most of my free time. Just an fyi for anyone selling. I listed it on ebay. 2 days later got a call from someone local. Guy looked at it and asked what it would take to end the auction early and the rest is history. With 12,500 miles on it, fresh 94mm, JE piston, RHC cams, cam chain, yoshi, fcrmx, micro indictors, LED tail, I got $4500. Some may think that is a lot for a DRZ with 12,500 miles but the bike was spotless and in top condition. I feel like we both came out okay. I told him to look at TT for any info he needed. Anyway, I promptly went out and bought a new mountain bike (Gary Fisher Paragon 29er). Thanks Eddie for all the info you gave me when I was building the bike and William for all the humor/information. Keep riding folks, whatever it is, keep riding. :thumbsup: CC
  3. CruiseControl

    What came first? DRZ or KLX ?? Differences?

    I'm with you brother. CC
  4. CruiseControl

    What came first? DRZ or KLX ?? Differences?

    Team Green, Team green.....you guys crack me up. It is still a SUZUKI!!!
  5. CruiseControl

    FCR mx carb. possible float to high?

    How much is a small amount. Mine leaves me about a dime to quarter size spot of gas on occasion. Usually after I've been riding hard. If it's a lot of gas, my thought would be as yours, check the float level. I believe it should be 9mm. CC
  6. CruiseControl

    What came first? DRZ or KLX ?? Differences?

    The KLX is a Suzuki, it's just green and sold by the wrong dealership............... depending on how you look at it I guess. CC
  7. CruiseControl

    Describe your Sex Life using a term from the DRZ!

    After 22 years with my wife I can still say, if riding my bike even remotely compared to sex with her, I would never get off. But as I said it's not remotely close even with the BB and RHC cams there is no comparison. :thumbsup: CC
  8. CruiseControl

    Not a good day

    That, my friend, is an awesome story. Aside from the fact that you and your son got to deal with and learn from adversity (too much for anyone if you ask me), years and years from now you and he will be sitting around saying "remember that day we went riding when I was 8." Then long after you are gone he will be telling the stories to his kids and friends. You will have that one to laugh and ponder forever. Glad all are safe and all is well. CC
  9. CruiseControl

    My ‘Build By Burned’ DRZ485 Blew Up!

    Great write up. Thank you for letting us know about your experience. That is a great looking bike, although when I look at it even without thinking about your story, all I see is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. What the heck though, you sure can't take the $$$ with you so you might as well spend and have fun while you're here. Again, thanks for sharing. CC
  10. CruiseControl

    How many people got rid of the throttle return cable?

    Does anything really reduce the potential for a lawsuit??? I left mine off mainly because I just didn't feel like putting it back on when replacing the cables (after I tore them up on my initial FCR install:crazy: ). It's all a matter of preferance I guess. If your comfortable with it leave it on, if you don't want it there, take it off. No real plus or minus without it as far as I can tell after riding it a while. CC
  11. CruiseControl

    Hope nobody saw that!

    Thank you, I now feel much better about some of the things I have done. Glad the bike and you are okay, CC
  12. CruiseControl

    How many people got rid of the throttle return cable?

    I got rid of mine when I did the 94mm and cams. Zero problems. If it ever sticks, there is the clutch or kill switch but I don't think it ever will. To me, it's no different than all the other safety crap they put on things now to save us from ourselves. CC
  13. CruiseControl

    out of the heat on the DRZ with a girl in the woods

    Great pic's. Not sure that is a happy face on your girl though. I've seen that same look from my wife of 22 years. CC
  14. CruiseControl

    Anyone run ContiForce SM's?

    I've been using them for a while now. Absoultely great in my opinion. CC
  15. CruiseControl

    Best Way To Sell DRZ

    Man eddie, do you ever sleep. I mean crap, I barely finished pushing "Post Reply" and you had already answered and I know it's early where you are. You are freakin amazing at answering posts. Thanks for the response