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  1. 2fst4u

    Riding in mud*******************

    let some air out of the tyres. put you feet out by the side of you and track it through. easy on the throttle. sit centre positioned. only use your legs for support if it goes to slide out your leg will catch it, when you get good enough at keepin it upright, take it easy again, feet on the pegs, sit rearward a bit, head foward looking straight, push down on the pegs putt through. you'll get faster and faster. telling someone to go fast through mud is stupid, you guys should be ashamed. once the tyre starts spinning because its revolving too fast it looses grip and flicks out to the loosest side, causing his problem. take your time and let the bike do the work.
  2. no it doesnt. thats not power shifting mate. when theres no throttle, clutch in and gear up, its normal. i agree learn to cover your rear brake now, or you'll always rely on using the clutch to do it and one day in a change of conditions, it wont save you. it will feel awkward your sitting down and your new to it! so everything will be awkward until you use the things.
  3. 2fst4u

    My car gets better milage than my bike !

    i was going to say golf or jetta, basiclly the same anyways
  4. 2fst4u

    My car gets better milage than my bike !

    theyre a damn nice car, doesnt suprise me ya got those numbers either, whats the bike getting?
  5. 2fst4u

    My car gets better milage than my bike !

    vw golf
  6. 2fst4u

    My car gets better milage than my bike !

    what do i get if i say the car?
  7. 2fst4u

    Noob question about standing

    good point, i always see them sitting down.
  8. 2fst4u


    tape? no thats the cause of blisters, hard stuff etching on your skin. the underglove are the best, it works for me, and in the end i got so used to it my hands have hard spots on them. talcum powder also works a treat, stops the gloves gripping.
  9. 2fst4u

    Why am I always powersliding?

    let the air pressure drop. less air= more tyre contact. get a new tyre, ease up on the gas.
  10. 2fst4u

    Shifting in woops

    practice, shift when your rear wheel is about to leave a whoop that way you have traction and can get a little momentum before kissing the next. idealy you should be in your set gear going across it with alot of revs so you dont have to shift, but if theres little run up you just need to time it, lean back and put your heel on the peg with your toes under the shifter. push down hard with your heel to stop your foot jumping around and swing back and to through the whoops with your torso. once you get the hang of it, it becomes childs play.
  11. 2fst4u


    me thinks so too, and one last question! the side of my shoulder is all numb. not the middle part where the nerve centre for the shoulder is, but the front part of my bicep about 20 cms long is all numb. is this normal?
  12. 2fst4u

    Drz 250

    i feel your pain!!!! even now that californian laws spread across the whole country! Does it matter if you register the bike and then remove all the registration items and beef it up by removing all the epa goods?
  13. 2fst4u


    why did my orphapedic surgeon state otherwise then? is it because mine has lots of breaks? im not questioning your opinion over his, if anything i like your reasoning better as to this day you have told me more than he has! is this because my injury is more servere? I couldnt get the xrays from him as he wanted to keep them as i have to go back in 4 weeks. So the question remains, should i wear my sling or not? it hurts like hell with it on (navigation style around the back lifting the arm upwards) and it feels more useable hanging down. i must disagree with your link, it states that at 4 weeks you can lift light objects like soda cans ect, where i did that on the second day up to now i cant lift a good 2 kilos with it no trouble what so ever with no strain, i am a more broader bloke with good muscular stature so this is probably why i can lift with no pressure on my collarbone. *flexes arms like a body builder* Dr mark come to australia and tell the docs how to do their jobs!!!!
  14. 2fst4u

    Guts ache - need help!

    abdominal muscles streched/ extremely worked? try having a shower and rubbing your stomach to loosen it up.
  15. 2fst4u

    Gas is your friend

    traction, cambering, obsticals why ask such a theoretic question? i can give you a thousond answers when in short, only you and your dirt road can go as fast as you can.