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  1. I just had a fire outside my timberwolf 16ft trailer. Does any one know where to ge the aluminum skin. I just need onepiece about 3x7 that burned through, and how much it may set me back. My deductable is 500 bucks and Im so hoping it won't cost to much.
  2. vman426

    Who Is Your Favorite Motocross Rider?

    Anyone who beats Stewart (he's so fast ) RC Ryan Dungey Paul Carpenter( local guy) Even though I ride Yamaha I can't warm up to chad reed
  3. vman426

    Whats Happened To Dungey

    Don't think he's injured. He has just been having really bad luck! I think he got taken out and couldn't get his bike fixed to restart.
  4. vman426

    ryan dungey

    just was wonderin! thanks
  5. vman426

    Supercross ryan dungey

    Did he crash out and not make the main event ??Injured... whats the deal with him!! Damn I missed another race... I can't keep up with different times different channels. I'm to busy to keep up!!
  6. cool, My current motor is a 2006 merc 225 optimax pro xs traded up from an 03 150 and yea it's a 2 stroke!! I haven't found a 4 stroke I like yet. I checked out alot of different motors in the last 2 months and I think the e-tec infomercial is crap and I think it's a hoax. Maybe we should start a poll, something like.... would you still run a 2 stroke if it cost alot of money to buy, was very complex,hard to service and is expensive to fix ! four things a 2 stroke isn't suppose to be !!! what ever!!! hey,nice cars buy the way...
  7. e tec is different !! In personal watercraft and big v6 and v8 outboards typically oil and fuel is mixed outside the block.e-tec the oil lines go into the block and oil is injected to the areas its needed like the bearings and each cylinders connecting rod. OIL DOES NOT MIX AT ALL WITH THE FUEL!!! I also read that because of the cylinder wall material it would make it difficult if not impossible to replace a single cylinder you would need to get an entire new block.
  8. I think the e-tec claims are very overstated. The enviro stuff is great but I think the performance claims are overstated. THESE E-TECS COST MORE THAN 4 STROKES !!!!!! and if the performance claims aren't true it seems like alot of risk and money to burn oil. From what I've read about it, the oil isn't even mixed with the fuel but direct injected into the cylinders.It also has a fuel cooler... Not typical 2 smoke tec. Fewer moving parts..... maybe a few. the oil pump, I believe isn't direct drive,but computer controlled. At a ratio of 100:1 there isn't much room for error. I jumped on evinrude's fict tecnology when it came out and went through 2 motors in a year. Both detonated, one detonated and caught fire. That sucks a mile from shore!!!
  9. I stand corrected !! First off I know 225 is hp and 450 is cc. what I was saying was the tests are based on engines that produce = hp. And what difference does it make what cc the engines are, if the hp output is the same or atleasts close. What I didn't realize was the hp difference between 250T's and 450 f's. I guess if I had a 2 smoke and liked it, I would be crying too. The light at the end of the 2smoke tunnel looks even more dim. I stand corrected. Thanks, your friend..... BUDDY:excuseme:
  10. Has any one noticed there compairing 150 to 150 or 225 to 225!!! Not 125 to 250 and 250 to 450. They don't care about cc's Soon as they figure out how to put dfi and a supercharger on a mx bike, and make it light. Bye..bye.. 2 stroke!!!
  11. WOW, Evinrude found a way to market a two stroke outboard that costs more than a 4 stroke !!! THAT INFOMERCIAL IS A JOKE. The tug a war test, the guy in the boat with the 4 stroke doesn't even hit the gas!!! There's no prop wash comming out of the back of that boat. Nice camera angle,where you can't see the guy work the controls!! No oil changes ever!!! No kidding it's a 2 stroke!! There are so many variables!! I would love to know the real #'s are starting with how each is propped, pitch and diameter. All they say is manufactures recomended.This is a bunch of marketing CRAP!!! Impressed with the E-tec. I know where you can make money stuffing envlopes at home!! It's great 10 dollers for each envlope you stuff... .send me a check for 100 dollars Ill tell you how!!!!!:
  12. vman426

    Is The 2 Stroke Dead?

    squid, Check out the David Bailey post!! People there are talking about bikes being to fast and to many people are getting hurt BLA..BLA..BLA. Maybe the ama will require the 4 strokes to be tuned down and then the smokers may have a chance in sx and mx.
  13. vman426

    Is The 2 Stroke Dead?

    I don't think 2 stroke is dead yet, but it's close. I think the proformance gap will get wider. I think most of the r & d money will go into 4 stroke tech and not into 2 stroke tech. I wonder how much the 08 2 stroke bikes will change from 07. The evinrude's e-tec gets me thinking? the thing about the e-tec is, it's fuel injected and computer controled, needs a battery, consumes alot less oil, but the oil costs 3 times more, and last but not least costs more than a 4 stroke.
  14. In this day and age Gore and reality is what works. Look at all the anti smoking adds on tv. You have some cute little kid saying "my mother was killed by second hand smoke" or a mother saying" my son was killes dy a drunk driver" they have spent millions on marketing to find out what works. Who cares wether or not David Bailey has a conection with leatt.I think it's far more meaningful to have a person who was in the sport and severly injured in a way that MAY have been prevented by a particular device. Than to have some phony paid actor with fake paralysis saying buy this product. Who cares about timing, gotta get the word out sometime.The quicker the better if the products good. Sell more braces, get more info on how to make them even better. It also should help to make the price come down. Just as it's speculation that Marshal or fonseca could have been saved by this brace it is also speculation that they wouldn't have. I haven't seen any information that the brace is causing any injuries. If I have to pick sides i'm going to side with safety. If there is no proof that the brace causes injury I can't see why you wouldn't want to wear one. The option of not wearing this brace certainly does not up your odds any. Safty should be the #1 concern. This brace looks pretty good! If somthing better comes out which I'm sure it will, I'll take a look at that too. People want to wait.. wait.. I know people who don't wear their seatbelts because some bonehead gets ejected out the side window of a car and lives, and then swears he never would have survived the crash if he had his seatbealt on.
  15. I think David Bailey should be commended for "standing for something":applause: :applause: :applause:and I hope he gets some acknowledgment. I know my son will be safer as a result of watching his video clip. Maybe the ball has started to roll ? There was a short mention of it in the Tv coverage, although I can't remember the riders name who was wearing it. It doesn't seem like the pros wear much at all in neck and spine protection department. Then again you wouldn't want to cover up all those sponsors logos now would you.