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  1. Dang, I missed the deadline, DNS for me.
  2. nobrakes

    Husaberg Thumper Talk Members! How Many Are There?

    Just saw the thread, count me in. 2009 FE450
  3. nobrakes

    stewart update

    Well, apparently this guy got off, who was DUI and doing 90 MPH in a 35, they even had him on the cop's dashboard cam doing it while in pursuit. It's funny, once the cops found out who he was, there was suddenly a "lack of evidence". Lol Atlanta Braves' Derek Lowe Cleared of DUI Charges
  4. nobrakes

    carb cable jamming open or coming of groove

    No problem. My KTM boot ripped when I was trying to safety wire it, so I ordered the Honda boot when I ordered the longer cable. I used the part numbers posted by someone here - where is that post? That really needs to be sticky in the FAQ. I got mine from Bike Bandit - probably paid too much: CABLE, THROTTLE 602720 (77904-001) $21.92 CAP, CABLE SEALING 588270 (222984-001) $12.98 I'm not sure which is the bike bandit part number vs the Honda part number, but those are what I got and they work great. The Honda boot is shorter, but thicker and stiffer, and fits more tightly to the carb top as well as around the cable. However, there is less room to zip tie. But with the better routing possible with the longer cable, I'm not sure zip-tying is required at the carb at least. I did zip tie at the throttle end, though.
  5. nobrakes

    carb cable jamming open or coming of groove

    It happened to me on my 200, and unlike the rest of you guys, I *was* riding it. Fortunately, I was out in the open in some whoops and talk about a wild ride, I was bucking and hucking with the throttle at about 75% unable to let off. I rotated the throttle to hard off, but still it was on. What the heck? I thought my slide was snagged open and the spring was not able to return it. After I got my wits about me, my first thought was to grab a handful of front brake once clear of the rollers, and while that slowed me down, the front wheel skidded and tucked the front briefly but I recovered. Yet the throttle was still open and finally as I my brain kicked in a little more and I went to grab the clutch and hit the kill switch, but then the cable finally snapped back into position and my wild pony ride was finally over without me hitting the dirt or anything else. It scared the crap out of me, though, and I couldn't bring myself to trust the bike for the rest of the day until I figured out what had happened. I was *real* glad it didn't happen in technical woods, rocks, or near steep hills or drop-offs. I think mine pulled free up at the throttle. I ended up using the opportunity to get the longer CR250 throttle cable and Honda carb-end rubber boot. I like the Honda boot better than the KTM one because it seems to fit tighter appears to be less susceptible to this at the carb end. And I double zip tied the boot at the throttle end. And with the longer Honda cable, I can do a more sano route behind the number plate and down the left side of the frame under the CDI, and there's still enough cable to route it so that it pushes itself with some tension down into the carb top. I feel much better about the whole setup now.
  6. nobrakes

    The KTM 200 Club

    Hey, thanks for the detailed response, jersey_devil. I did actually end up getting the JD kit. I have it installed and I tested it a little in the back yard, but haven't had it out much beyond that yet. Everything seems pretty well on target at the moment, this with the starting point settings JD recommends. 38p, 175m, blue/3rd, air-screw:1.5. I should note that I do have a dB-Snorkel on my bike, which makes an already quiet bike downright stealth. I really can't stand loud bikes, and also I live in a neighborhood with a lot of houses so I try to stay as stealth as possible. And since I do use my small back yard to zip around on the bike and don't want to give the neighbors too much to complain about. It's more quiet than most of their lawn mowers and weed whackers. That's a long way of saying that it may be affecting my jetting a little bit, too. It doesn't feel restrictive, but I'm guessing it still affects the jetting a little bit. So far, the bike seems responsive and snappy with the JD kit. Just like before. I still need to check things out while on the main jet, I'll do that in the next day or so out on the highway (bike is plated), that's where I felt it fall off before. You mentioned an "oval" or "keyhole" carb mod that helps with that, maybe my jetting was OK, but it's just a characteristic of the smaller bore carb? I'll do some googling on that. Anyway, so far so good. It's a process.
  7. nobrakes

    advise and opinions on which bike to buy

    I concur with the 200 recommendations. I love my '08 200 XC-W - "mountain bike with a motor". It's so light and nimble and fun, it's hard to deny what a fantastic platform it is. It is easy to handle, easy to work on, very tunable, good low end, and plenty of get up and go when you want it. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with those other bikes, I'm sure they are sweet, too. But given my experience with the 200, I would choose it again.
  8. nobrakes

    My son's first time at moto...

    Good stuff, gmoss!
  9. nobrakes


    Yeah, and after he applied my graphics, he geared up, lined up, and whooped my butt in the hare scramble. Afterwards, he was thoughtful enough to share some useful tips at no extra charge. Stuff like, "flex your right wrist more".
  10. nobrakes

    Plated Two Strokes ?

    Trust me, there is a plate back there.
  11. nobrakes


    Even better, meet up with Bart the owner of Powersport Grafx at the races and appeal to his expert superior skills in applying graphics and he will do it for you right there. It's tough to get better service and support anywhere than from the Powersport Grafx and Genuine Dirt Racer guys out of Wilkesboro, NC - truly genuine good guys that have helped me above and beyond the call of duty more times than I can count.
  12. nobrakes

    The KTM 200 Club

    Thanks for the input fellas!
  13. nobrakes

    The KTM 200 Club

    Thanks, that makes perfect sense. But I was mainly assuming the kit would include properly sized main jets for the needles included, so I wouldn't have to purchase a range of jets and experiment. And that their multi-taper needles might have some good performance results, so I was just thinking maybe the $75 gets me in the right main jet range + some extra benefits of the needle, without buying extra jets to begin with and then having to experiment. So I was just curious as to those that use the JD kit on the 200, if it's anything special or to write home about, or the same old same old and I'm better off just spending $20 on jets and dialing in what I have. My needle is stock, BTW, (nozg/h?) 162 Main, 38 pilot (dropped from 42 to lean out the bottom), air screw about 1.25 I think need to double check that, needle on 3rd clip from top.
  14. nobrakes

    The KTM 200 Club

    Anyone using the JD Jet Kit for the 200? How do you like it? I've fiddled with the jetting in my '08 XC-W and seem to have it dialed pretty well in the low to mid range, but it doesn't seem to have much on the top end, things fall off pretty quick in the high end. Just wondering if I should pay the $75 and take advantage of JD's knowledge, but thought I'd check here first. I've been happy with his kits in other bikes.