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  1. zach91

    Rear Shock Oil Level

    the rear shock needs to be full of oil bled through the valving (run clickers all the way open) then push the valving and seal head in and let the excess run out same with the bladder. charge the bladder with 150psi nitrogen
  2. i got a 08 husky 450 and a 06 yz250 the 450 doesn't get out much i rode a friends 09 300 xcw thats what id get they hold up really well
  3. im having a hard time with getting these apart ive rebuild plenty of twin chamber forks but i cand get the inner chamber off the lower leg thanks.
  4. zach91

    Where To Buy Preprints???

    ridepg.com has some good ones
  5. i ride woods but i want rid of my 450 for one
  6. zach91

    wr 125 lowering link

    you could just get the lowering shims from race tech and lower your shock a lot cheaper they go in between the seal head and the valving
  7. zach91

    TE310 as an MX Bike

    for fun i wouldn't try to be super competitive they have a soft power and heavy weight
  8. zach91

    which one looks better

    my friend raced a 98 501 berg the only problem with it was the stator would over heat and quit in race conditions really stinks when your one lap away from an overall the bike was also new at the time. but it did all right otherwise. but i bet the xr is more reliable
  9. zach91

    08 te 450 shrounds

    i rivet the top to the the top shroud to the bottom they hold up better or just get the big tank
  10. zach91

    Kearney wins overall at 56th LBJ Enduro!

    new 250 two stroke motor?
  11. zach91

    Lets see some fine italian art!

    my 08 te450 before the 09 plastic and big tank
  12. zach91

    how to remove trx 90 brake drums??

    not quite took it to my friends with a press and havent got to mess with it had to pull the motor on my 450
  13. zach91

    What's a good price for my '04 tc 450

    my buddy just sold his for 1500 but it was not the best condition
  14. zach91

    how to remove trx 90 brake drums??

    thanks ill go beat it
  15. zach91

    how to remove trx 90 brake drums??

    thanks i usually only work on bikes i don't work on quads that much