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  1. task088333

    Headaches after riding

    i used to get migraines , especially after riding. combination of intense concentration, dust, noise, so I take immitrex (migraine med.) before riding and this usually does the trick. immitrex is not a drug that messes with your mind ,it only constricts the bllod vessels in your brain. also try taking nasonex daily as this also helps with sinus problems. both of these are prescription drugs.
  2. My solution was to remove the cover and insert with epoxy a screw and nut, (I used an old tire valve nut because it was lower profile) also use thread locker on the nut. Before installing, I drilled and tapped the center of the screw screw to 4 or 5 mm. This works well because there is plenty of thread and steel on steel will last forever. you just need to be able to drill the center of the screw accurately so the smaller screw doesnt break into the threads of the larger epoxied screw. works great.
  3. task088333

    2005 tc450 cylinder removal

    a little help out there? Ive done a search and somehow cant find the answer but does the engine need to come out of my frame to get the cylinder and head off? and does anyone know the wear measurements to determine if the piston is past its service limit? thanks
  4. task088333

    North East Husky Gathering?

    hey guys, me and a couple friends would be in. are you near binghamton?
  5. task088333

    Recluse clutch for '07 TE 450

    Im in whitehouse station , NJ just west of somerville. you can stop out and try my tc450 w/ rekluse if you like. Some people like it and some dont. most people dont appreciate it at first because of the learning curve. tom s
  6. task088333

    525 using oil?

    the bike does have well over 30 hours on it and valves were adjusted only after break in. even if they were out of adjustment , that wouldnt account for the burning oil. I did not have a tip over and the bikes been smoking for a few weeks.
  7. task088333

    2004 TC 450 Rekluse

    hey guys, Ive had one on my 05 tc450 for over a year now and for the most part you really see no difference under normal riding conditions, in fact most of my friends dont really like the rekluse. its kindof like riding a car with an automatic trans, most real men think they are faster and have more options with a clutch lever. In reality ,a non pro rider cannot maintain absolute concentration all the time and the rekluse allows you to daydrem a bit without screwing up. get in the slick tight stuff and theres no doubt that you focus more on techniqe than on not slipping and stalling. you can ride a gear high and reduce wheel spin because you have essentially reduced your HP without worrying about stalling. My son raced the bike all last year and easily advanced to b class mainly because the 4 races that he crashed he simply picked the bike up (still running and still in gear) hopped on and hit the gas while only losing a couple of spots. no dnf's all year. bottom line, not quite as much fun but much easier to ride with confidence. thanks, tom s
  8. task088333

    TC's and FastByFerracci

    hey, my 05 tc450 has the fbf graphics and they are the most durable graphics ive ever used . never used any of there perf stuff as my 450 is just as fast as a ktm sx525 in a drag race.
  9. task088333

    05 tc450 rad guards

    hey all, anyone out there have any spare radiator shrouds for my bike? I specifically need the right side guard and theres probably someone who has replaced there stock ones with aftermarket guards. let me know, thanks.
  10. task088333

    Husqvarna TC450 06 fork solution

    05 tc450 I bought a tc for the woods and my son who normally rides a yz250f has been racing it for a couple of months now. Just sold the 250 as it was collecting too much dust. I installed a rekluse and in combination with the e start its a head turner. My son crashed twice in the mud last week and just picked up the bike (still running and still in gear)and sped away. he finished 5th because of the rekluse,whereas he probably would have dnf ed. the bike is also at least as fast as any other bike in his class. it is a holeshot machine. probably going to send the suspension out for work later in the season probably ACE as im in nj. any feedback would be helpful. thanks
  11. task088333

    Enduro computer choices

    hi, you should look into a garmin gps 5. I use one and it has many features however im not sure how it would be for enduro competition. you can find one on ebay pretty cheap and there small enough to fit right into the handlebar area.
  12. hey forum, I rode my tc 450 (2005) in a dualsport last weekend and it was great. Lockhaven PA. lots of tight woods and slippery rocks. My friends were mostly riding 2006 ktm 450 exc bikes and they seemed to soak up the big rocks alot better. we switched off and I really liked the ktm. My forks and rear suspension seemed plenty soft enough but it felt like the compression dampening was a little harsh. my question is , are the tc and te 450 bikes valved the same in front and rear and if so what would the correct clicker adjustments be for this type of riding. or do the te suspension parts have completely different valving. thanks
  13. task088333

    2005 tc450 can

    hey just checked and saw your reply. how much do you want for it and is it in good shape? email me at tasalem@earthlink.net
  14. task088333

    2005 tc450 can

    anyone out there know where I can find a 2005 tc450 exhaust can? mine is cracked and dented. thanks
  15. task088333

    2005 te450 exhaust can

    yes but I want to keep it for MX