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  1. crf machines

    07 cr125 keeps fouling plugs

    I have the same problem even with a 390 main thats 4 steps from stock and we leaned the air screw too 21/2 out and it needs more work.... please help... Originally Posted by nac-nacer Move the clip on the needle up one position, or go down on the mainjet 2 or 3 steps then try it out, and ditch the stock air filter they are NO GOOD.
  2. crf machines

    Pics of your CRF 250's

    Nice bikes lookin into 07 250r got 06 x
  3. crf machines

    Crf 230 conversion project bike.

    Do u still have the 125? If so please email me a offer and well see what happens: karaantheboys@aol.com
  4. crf machines

    Does anyone have a crf230f stock baffle?

    got one if you still need it... need it, send me a message at karaantheboys@aol.com
  5. crf machines

    How much to ask for my bike?

    That works but what about the bike it wont bring any money in pieces because people want to ride the stuff they buy immediately , not spend weeks putting it together or finding parts.
  6. crf machines

    motor oil

    the 230 is 1.4us qt.
  7. crf machines

    Pro Circuit Pipe ?

    no heat shield but the pipe is nice go for it its one of the chep est on the market in the price for the full system. go,go,go,go, just go for it
  8. crf machines

    Pro Circuit Pipe ?

    i've got it for my crf230 and when you get the right jet in the bike so it dosent run lean its a screamer [loud] and gives 2 more horses
  9. crf machines

    fork seals

    go for it but i like the origional boots
  10. crf machines

    fork seals

    no, you got to do all that but there still a pain because you have to pull them off the fork whitch is your seal.... ahhhh only a 30 min job easy. you must know what your doing tou or else
  11. crf machines

    Da Springs

    what is the specs on the torque to tighten bolts and the amount of oil the forks hold and such?
  12. crf machines


    you all sound like you ride alot .... where?
  13. crf machines

    Change Rear Sprocket on 230?

    i have mine for the woods and i went up 2 teeth in the back to give more bottom end ,but thats not good for the street because the top end gets cut a little.
  14. crf machines


    undefinedI had a blast, but anyway its a 55 acre farm that a guy named Dan Harris built three tracks at different levels of skill. Hes working on a fourth one thats going to be the size of Budd's creek. His prises are good and you can rent a cabin for like 150 for three days That holds 8 people. Hes got 50 to 110ft doubles and triples and such so hold on and have fun.
  15. crf machines

    ttr230 or cr4f230

    Honda all the way . The Yamaha is slower and heaver than the stock crf.