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  1. Hey all, So lost compression in my bike riding the other day. Figured it was just time to replace the piston, so bought a wiseco top end rebuild kit. Took the head off yesterday to find that the piston had cracked above the rings and sent a piece of piston on a joy ride around my cylinder at...whatever rpm the thing was running at. Needless to say the head looks like someone took a pick ax to it and the plating on the cylinder is worn off in a section. Has anyone gone through this before, and do you have any advice on the best way to solve this problem? Ebay has a new head and cylinder for sale, should I just buy those and take care of it? Does anyone here have an OEM bore cylinder sitting around, and a head that will fit a 2003 yz 250? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  2. Allright, so I finally received my piston 13.5 to 1 wiseco in the mail. Do you guys have any tips when replacing the piston? Ive done it on other bikes, but those were 2 strokes. It has the 03 cam mod, does this change the timing at all, and if so, can I just zip tie the chain to the cam to keep it in place? Any help would be appreciated, or a link to a forum that has already gone over this. Thanks.
  3. Does anyone have any helpful tips on installing a wiseco 13.5 to1 in their yz426?
  4. LPT1485


    350cc fuel injected weighing around 200 lbs? Making 45 hp or more? Sounds like a nice bike to me. Anyways....any word on when/if KawaHonsuzuyamaktm are going to incorporate fuel injection into their 450/250's?
  5. LPT1485

    Best piston for 01' yz426

    An tips on the best place to buy these from? Most likely going to replace all that jazz when I have it apart. My friend is also gonna port and polish the head while its off. Then I plan on putting a Thunder Alley Slip on exhaust and rejetting. Should be some decent power gains. THanks for the help with the compression/octane relationship. I think a 13.5 to 1 should be a large gain by itself.
  6. Hey all, Im looking to replace the piston in my 01' yz426. I was just wondering what the best one out there is? Im looking to increase power, but dont want to have to use race gas. I guess my quesiton is can I install the 13.5 to 1 wiseco and run 93 octane gas? Any help would be appreciated thanks.
  7. LPT1485

    YZ426 in tight woods

    One thing for sure is that the 426 is not a light machine, and single track tight woods is probably its worst application. But, I find it is pretty easy to live with, having all of that torque pretty much right off the bat really helps. I know first gear is fairly long and def has a tendency to stall out every now and then, but if you having major trouble with that I would suggest the Rekluse clutch. I don't have one, but from what I have read they make a world of difference for woods riding..and everything else. I ride some really intense Ma/RI trails and that thing just eats em up...could definitely stand to loose a few pounds off of the bike, but at speed its almost comforting. The stability at speed over rocks and all that jazz is pretty impressive. Good luck with the 426 though and just get some more seat time, I had the same issues going from my 250f.
  8. LPT1485

    YZF Transmission

    weird on the 426 posts.
  9. Thanks, i think im def. gonna buy a TA pretty soon.
  10. LPT1485

    Should I Buy An 01 Yz426?

    I have an 01 yz426. Very dependable and awesome machine, a little hefty but other than that its a great bike. 03 cam mod is also a great thing to have, helps smooth out powerband and makes starting this thing an ease.
  11. Ive heard that the stock systems for these bikes are pretty good. As for power gains with after market exhaust. Do they just move the power curve around or do they add significant grunt? Also, what is the stock power output of an 01' yz426. With 03' cam? -Anyone have a thunder alley exhaust on their 426, brand new for a whole system they are only $350. Are they good? Thanks for the help.
  12. LPT1485

    Old yz450 vs New yz450

    sneaky sneaky.
  13. Congrats on the purchase. Just bought a 426 about a month ago myself. Incredible machine for the price. As for oil level. http://motoman393.thumpertalk.com/tech/files/426_manual.html this is the link for an online manual for the 426 open and download chapters 1-3 once done check out sections 3-15 to 3-17 for a run through on factory specs for an oil change. Also, 03 yz450 cam modification is an awesome modification. Tire came right off the pavement today cruising in 5th! Must have been going about 60.
  14. LPT1485

    YZ426->450 conversion DONE!

    Will 450 plastics/tank/seat go right onto a 426 or is there a need for modifications to the plastics/mounting points? And will only certain year 450 plastics fit the 426? By the way, sweet looking 426.
  15. Beautiful machine, man that thing is nice.