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  1. Guitar Erik

    New to forum 2003 525 sx Q's.

    Hi guys, I am new to this forum and am looking at a '03 525SX tomorrow. What should I look for? What are the strengths & weakness's I should look for? I have a '05 KTM 950 (see my sig) but I don't know much about KTM dirt bikes specifically but I love my 950 and I want a KTM dirt bike. The guy is asking $3800.00. I have owed a XR 400 and am an experienced dirt bike rider an (based on the perf on my KTM) would like to get back into dirt riding. I apprecitate your advice. Thanks guys Erik
  2. Guitar Erik

    $3800 2003 525 sm good price?

    Is $3800 a good price on a 2003 525 supermoto? Did they come w/2 sets of wheels that year?
  3. Guitar Erik

    Is this a good deal on this EXC 380?

    I happened to find this thread because I am to look at a 99 380 tomarrow for $2600....can you guys tell me about this bike and what to look for? Thanks
  4. Guitar Erik

    Dualsport occupations

    try freelance motojournalism.....and get well aqainted with "Top Ramen"
  5. Guitar Erik

    Supermoto vs Speed bike

    Smaller the track the better for motards!!! If we are talking "full scale" racetracks the superbikes will dominate.....but put a dirt section in and a couple of jumps, and its a whole new story!!!
  6. Guitar Erik

    450x a good supermoto?

    Cool! Thanks!
  7. Guitar Erik

    PICS: my 06 KTM 450 EXC with supermoto kit

    It looks great.....thinking of buying a ktm. Can you tell me how you decided to go w/ the exc instead of the xc? Thanks
  8. Guitar Erik

    track tool: ktm 525 exc or xc???

    Help me out gang, I am ready to buy a ktm 525 for both off-road and supermoto track duties....the smr is out of the question because in CA it's not green sticker. What tranny is better? The wide ratio exc or the close xc???
  9. Guitar Erik

    450x a good supermoto?

    Hello gang, I am a new member and I need some good feedback. I am thinking about buying a 450x to be used for both off-road and at the supermoto track (w/a set of 17's) on occasion....is the 450x up to the task? Or am I expecting to much out of it? Now don't get me wrong..I am not going to the track thinking I'm going to beat the hardcore supermoto guys..I just want to have fun but don't want to try to do it on the wrong bike for the job. My concerns are that the wide ratio tranny wouldn't work that well? Is the steering geometry a limiting factor? Thanks for the help!