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    New pics of the X

    i too have a 2005 yamaha yz250 and all i have to say is that i've obliterated, outpulled, and smoked 450's time after time, u must smoke a great deal of pot crf250x.... ur bike is absolutely gutless.. a crf250x? c'mon now that's embarassing
  2. YamahaMX868

    New Here, Some Pics of My Bike!

    well that's not too bad being that this is a site dominated by 4-stroke riders i could live with 1 of those comments. To answer something like "2 smokes are dead" i really shouldn't waste my time but ok.. there are tons of different 2-stroke engines out there that burn very clean (Activated Radical Combustion, Direct-Fuel Injection) to name a few. Anyways im not about to start a flame war defending a 2-stroke on a 4-stroke site because i'll get owned lol. Anyways, Thanks for the comments guys and yes i did get a new tire lol don't worry