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  1. Shortkid

    should i be scared?

    Heh 2's are really in a different class i think becuase of that crazy no power to OMG i just poped my joint out of place power. I swear each mx bike i ve riden (mosty 85s of my friends) are like o hey this is cool ok lets hit 3rd gear and gas it out of this turn. O ok Vroom ( kid pops crazy wheelie of of sandy turn after the 4 foot wheelie ends up off the bike in a bush). and thats my experince with them 2s... are they different yes but learn when it "goes" and you will have fun.
  2. Shortkid

    newbie now injured

    Haven't we all hit the "lil puddle" ? I swear Those dam lil puddles suck eh? I found a nice deep drit bike rut in mine. I (was) on my blaster till i found that baby. (4 foot 9 inch kid goes flying 5 feet) I got up kicked that bike over rode it home with my left arm gimp. Yay trying to shift was real fun Got home mom yelled at me and i went to hosp. no big just a broken arm. Luck for me.I f the hosp bill was more then the bike we were selling the bike. But i still have her. ALWAYS wear a brain bucket. Oh yea and as for saving it. gas may have saved you but I have a reaction of jumping off the bike...which isn't always the best idea.....But still that how i save my butt..most times...a few times i jumped off the grill and in to the fire though
  3. Shortkid

    I know im a noob for asking this...

    Most the time i hit 1st gear on a lil bump or like hill, stump or some thing that will get her up . But can u keep it up?
  4. Shortkid

    Wheelie help Please

    I can't wheelie real far but i have a auto 3 speed. I just lean my butt off the back and while in 1st gear gun it ......lol i get about a 3-4 foot wheelie that looks soo sad.....Help us wheelie Before all of the noobs die....(Hey bob what happend to Joe ? O he was trying to do a wheelie.. then he hit that tree.) heh any tips from more pro riders??
  5. Shortkid

    yamaha blaster brake probs

    My rear brake locked up... so its sitting in my parts pile... if any one has a answer I am tuned in as well. (I still ride, eh who need rear brakes?)
  6. Shortkid

    Banshee for just blasting around

    Hells yea i herad of guys putting turbos on Banshees Now thats CRAZY FAST Or hell they will put some 4 foot rear swing arm on them. Lets just say drag racer.ALL over these bikes.
  7. Shortkid

    My sons blaster

    Its used? or new? becuase mine was like that till i cleaned up some of the ground wires. Check the carb slide, Lid thing. the blaster's Carb has that big screw top that the throttal cable goes in. Well yea that thing has come undone on me more then one time. this will make it hard to start, and may run then turn off quicky. Hope this helps clean off any rusty grounds.
  8. Shortkid

    DR-Z 125 Lowering kits?

    Hey how bout putting smaller wheels on it? with a larger rear gear? Perhaps that whould work better while keeping the springs almost stock?
  9. Shortkid

    popular thing to purchase for the 125

    Heh its true any 85cc two stroke would smoke the bike, But the Drz isn't a race bike. Its a riding bike. Note the kick stand*. So haveing a big bore kit would make it alot more fun , But i think by the time you bore, and add on all those pieces, your still gonna have the kick stand. If you want a race bike by a race bike. Oh and the list really nice. Iam gonna buy a pipe for mine her in a lil while.
  10. Shortkid

    DR-Z 125 Lowering kits?

    I might just move the triple clamps and shave the seat atad and find some heel extenders or something like that. With all of that I bet I can reach. The one place i sat on the bike was the dealer ship so I bet on dirt and such ill be fine. ty for the IDeas guys
  11. sounds like fun the next time iam in the mood for a good break from school ill try this.
  12. Shortkid

    DR-Z 125 Lowering kits?

    Ty for the replys yes i guess i could touch 1 foot. My last bike was a ttr 90 and its just gutless. Iam 16 i drive to work every day but i just haven't grown much. I am bound shoot up some day soon but i just don't know when.!? I am stuck in the body God's given me. but it ain't all bad some Girls like us lil guys.
  13. Shortkid

    DR-Z 125 Lowering kits?

    O i guess the dr z post would have been better but no iam 4ft 8in tall and i can't touch.
  14. Shortkid

    DR-Z 125 Lowering kits?

    Are there any? Could i lower the bike my self? How hard whould it be to lower the bike Whould i be better off lowering a diff name brand 125?