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  1. Tattooart

    cal city

    that sucks.....
  2. Tattooart

    As racings top end rebuild!!!

    Oh it's possible......
  3. Tattooart

    Green sticker fuel stops in the high desert

    That section that goes down the wash by fort irwin(where I noticed my plate was gone) is all closed with locked gates now. Kind of sucks but there are ways around it as you know.
  4. Tattooart

    Green sticker fuel stops in the high desert

    They closed the route I took you down when going to primm.
  5. Tattooart

    Can't We All Just Get Along?

    Ain't it the truth........This is why I have stopped posting, and busy with work.
  6. Tattooart

    150 Miles of Cal-City

    What is the course like?
  7. Nice video, those are some pretty nice Xr's.....
  8. I have the same setup and mount my 8" racelight and run the taillights with the BD kit. I juat had to order the harness to adapt my racelight to the BD Dual sport kit. Now it is a simple plug and play.
  9. Tattooart

    Nuetech Tubliss.... becoming a fan

    I had to plug my front last week and it worked like a charm, although I am still carrying tubes and levers for my friends. 2 co2 cartridges will fill the inner bladder. I just did a test this weekend on it to see.
  10. Tattooart

    What tires are you using for the desert?

    I run a 739At in the rear, and a pirelli scorpion xcmh(the old MT18HD). Both great tires and hold up well to the dez
  11. Tattooart


    I too have a spot and love it. I would never leave home without it especially on a ride. My better half uses it to track me, my mom uses it to track me, and my ride partner's wife uses it to track us. I hope to never use the emergency button but it is there if I need it. I actually met a pilot over the weekend on a ride that has both a plb and spot, and the plb stays in the plane while the spot goes everywhere.
  12. Tattooart

    Rowher Flats/ Nov 7 Opens!

    Early morning ride the 7th?
  13. No ride report, the last few I did I recieved too many s h i t t y responses. Not worth it. Where did you ride? We were near FT. Irwin road.
  14. Tattooart

    06 yfz450 won't idle: jetting

    No air leak everything is tight. My altitude is 3000' I took the carb back out and recleaned it. It is running much better but kind of bogs in 2nd and 3rd gear WOT. Any carb can virtually run with a A/F screw 1-3 turns out. I have always set them at one for easy starting after doing carb work, then adjusted properly from there.
  15. Tattooart

    Yamaha 06 yfz450 won't idle: jetting

    So I have a little bit of a problem. I have a friend that i am rejetting his 2006 yfz450 with the lid off the air box, and the baffle out of the pipe and after putting in the gytr kit amd cleaning carb the bike won't idle. I have the jetting as follows 170 main, 4th position on the needle, a 45 pilot and a/f screw 1 turn out. I figured with the a/f one turn out I could get it started then tweak it from there. We got everything back together and could not get it started, I turned the idle circuit all the way in and that is the only way I could get it running but it had a very fast idle. As soon as I backed out the idle screw the bike would die. What am I missing? I have never really had many jetting problems with any of my bikes and now i do a friend a favor and I can't get this thing handled properly. Any help here would be appreciated.