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  1. ok, so i fixed the stuck hot starter that was robbing my top end, put is a bigger pilot to fix the hanging idle, however it still takes around 40 kicks to start the bike in the beginning of the day. once started the bike runs great, idles smooth and power all around. when the bike is hot it starts on first kick every time. problem is that when it cools down it wont start again. i found that if i turn the idle screw all the way in it will start in about 5 kicks, then i have to turn it down as it revs outta control. my basic question is, why does having the idle faster help start the bike? i feel that its trying to start, but only stays alive if the idle is almost all the way in. its such a pain to have to adjust the idle every time i take a break at the truck. any input would be greatly appreciated.
  2. bought the bike new in 2005 and so far shes been great to me. after 6 years i feel that maybe i should get the top end refreshed. the valves are just in clearance and prolly need to be adjusted soon so might as well take care of other things while at it. ive seen top end kits online for 150 and up, so my question is this. what does something like this cost to have done at a shop, or by a person in their garage? its too big of a project for me and am looking for either a shop or someone who can do this for me within an hour of chicago. also how long is the turnaround? the weather sucks here now but in a few weeks im gona have the itch to ride. thanks John
  3. thanks for the advice, i changed the main when i got the silencer first, it was in fmf's instructions that i go up on the main. it ran great then but its when i got the header the following year when i noticed i couldnt get the jetting right. i noticed on my new pipe setup there is no clamp between the header and the silencer, i used plenty of high temp silicone when installing it but could there be a leak there thats adding to my problems?
  4. first off ive spent 2 hours searching the threads for an answer to my problem with no results, i looked at the jetting database and not sure what to do. 2005 yz 450 168 main (165 is stock) all other jets stock fmf powercore and powerbomb header (only changed cause they were smashed to hell) temp. 60 to 80 the bike is extremely hard to start, need to turn idle screw almost all the way in to get it started. once warm and running good the throttle hangs like crazy. also the power band runs out faster than normal at higher speeds, runs pretty good at slow speeds, just hangs as i let off the throttle. ive played with the fuel screw and idle with no resolve. from what ive read im thinking of going to bigger pilot jet? any help would be greatly appreciated, im stuck and dont wanna make things worse. P.S. bought bike new and never had problems till i changed the exhaust.
  5. Venom01

    fork oil weight?

    thanks for the reply, i have asked many people and shops this question and this was by far the best reply i had recieved.
  6. Venom01

    fork oil weight?

    2005 yz 450, the manual says to use yamahas sp1 fork oil, what weight is that so i can get some other brand? its like 40 bucks a can plus i need just over one when replacing the oil. seems like they know how to stick it to you. thanks
  7. Venom01

    too rich or too lean?

    yea i have to turn my idle wayy slow for it not to do that but ever since i got a new silencer and messed around with the jetting for winter riding its never been the same.
  8. when you let off the throttle and it stays at that rev level for a few extra sec what does that mean? i was told both too rich and too lean. thanks
  9. Venom01

    Bye Bye BR?

    its gonna be bittersweet goin to buffalo now. sweet cause its a hell of a place to ride, and bitter because you have to know that it wont be there in the future. and my hopefully 5 boys that i wanna have wont be able to tear up the lil track there. just gonna have to soak up every last bit of that place and ride out till your blisters bleed.
  10. Venom01

    Chicago Check In!!!

    im a big fan of KI tracks, they have the best grooming of any places ive been and its never been crazy crowded so you can take it easy or really let it rip.
  11. Venom01

    Tired of getting hurt

    wow, you sure take a beating. awesome that you come back strong and wanna improve. you have my props. i sure hope im able to tackle jumps as well as injuries when im in your spot in life. good luck and speedy recovery:ride:
  12. Venom01

    why does riding hard make my pinky hurt?

    im have to agree with this, all the pro tips in magazines say you need to ride with elbows up. just sitting at the keyboard you can see the grip difference when you put your elbows up compared to at your side. if all these other tips dont help then smash your toe with a hammer, your foot will hurt more than your pinky and it shouldnt cut your day short. GL:thumbsup:
  13. Venom01

    New to jumping

    i am no expert but i went through the same problem when i started jumping. i asked questions and watched others but nothing will really help till you get out there and ride a safe small tabletop with a long open straight at it over and over. dont blip the throttle if your not comfortable in the air. will not help at all. with a longer straight away at the jump you can find the correct speed to hit the jump at. once you feel comfortable with the right gear and throttle position stay at that throttle point till your whole bike is off the ground. dont pin it!!! you need to gain confidence in your feel for your current speed. it takes time and practice, im still learning and i feel confident more and more each year. stay centered and stable with your knees bent, you can try correcting a lil bit each time from the center of the bike. its all feel. pick a jump and hit it over and over all day. this will help more than going around a track and hitting different jumps in a row. good luck and dont go past your limits.
  14. Venom01

    new helmet cam videos

    nice vid, thats some tight stuff. when i did my first harescramble i was dumb and didnt have handguards, broke a finger, rear hub, hit a kid on a 50 cutting across the course under the ropes, and threw up after. was worth it for a 3 inch tall trophey that said "placed in class". ill stick to moto from now on and as asked before, what camera is that?
  15. Venom01

    DurhamTown Fox5 Video 4/27

    with 38 yrs experience you would think that the first lesson in dirt riding would be respect the machine. thats why they have drivers ed in school. to make sure you realize that you must control your machine at all times. i know most of you will agree with this, what happened the first time you hit a bump on your bike? it was strange and you started slow and small and built your way up. the first time my bike dumped me off i got up, looked at the bike and realized that it does exactly what i tell it to. if i lose control then i have no idea what outcome may come. signs? are you kidding. do people still speed on the highway and lose control and die? with all my heart i wish that no lives could be lost in this sport but we all know that cant happen. listen to the pros, there is a reason they warm up. ryan dungey stated that you cant hit strange jumps your first few laps. thats a professional sayin that, and they would know more than anyone. ride within your limits and use common sense. which sometimes means saying no to doing something condolences for the losses