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  1. petepuma

    Pitster Pro X4 vs SDG Pro Mini 125

    Sdg's are junk' Pitster all the way
  2. petepuma

    Pitster X4 mods?

    dual coolers has been done b4 and not much if any oil temp drop there was a big dissadvantage but i dont remember exactly what it was. possibly oil pressure? anyways , if the pros get away with one cooler or if there was any advantage to it , it would be on almost every bike at mini-moto. a k&n air filter will help clearance issiues, but in dusty conditions you better have more than 1 air filter with ya cause they clog easier , and just bend the kick starter a bit . check this out http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=537891
  3. petepuma

    $2k which bike?

    u need an x4
  4. petepuma

    110 or sikk 125

    the bikes are cheap enuff already, buy a pitster and you will spend more time riding rather than fixing the bike + it has a resale value afterwards.
  5. petepuma

    ogm 140 good to go

    ^^^Bam , and there it is.
  6. petepuma

    ogm 140 good to go

    The paint didnt even dry on the front sign and already they are faster and cheaper than a pitster huh ? ^^^^^Hack called it .
  7. petepuma

    X4R or 110

    Any klx 110 thats able to run with a x4r will cost 2-3 times as much, so this decision is made for most of us when we look at our bank accounts and decide we would rather gamble with 2600 than 8600 . Funny thing is were all wating for something bad to happen cause they are so cheap ,but nothing ever does. Buy the x4r , set it up, and go big , knowing that pitster has a better rep than almost anyone because they actually (and get this novel idea) GIVE A SHIT about the customer after the sale. I dare ya to find me an unhappy pitster owner.
  8. petepuma

    how do you check the oil level

    you want it to be about 1/4 unscrewed which gives you 3/4 screwed in . my way just saves you from threading the dipstick in and out 5 times to set the oil level. just check it and find the spot on the stick that gives you 1/4 unscrewed and youre good
  9. petepuma

    how do you check the oil level

    make sure its 1/4-1/2 on the stick(unscrewed), then ur good to go
  10. petepuma

    Serious Qustion about knoc-offs

    this thread makes no sense, weve been schooling everyone with our pitsters for several years at a local level.
  11. petepuma

    dont laugh .... sun L

    i think pitster has 125s for like 350 from drain bolt to airfilter
  12. petepuma

    dont laugh .... sun L

    buy a stock gpx 125 directly from pitster pro. its faster than your bike can handle in stock form , more reliable than any other china motor, has a warranty from a reputable company ,they have thousands of em out there in bikes ,and has plenty of low cost aftermarket upgrades available. most of the motors that are on ebay, are for people who dont know any better.
  13. petepuma


    id check all the electrical connections , especially the coil ground ,also make sure the coil is grounded to the intake bolt so you have a nice, clean ,and solid ground.
  14. petepuma

    How much assembly on pitster x4?

    Make sure you grease the headset and swingarm bearings as well, they come dry like any other bike. There are a a few other things you need to do b4 u ride,bleed brakes, space out silencer 1/2",reground coil to intake bolt, etc. If you search around there are plenty of threads about prepping an x4 or x4r. IMO PlanetMinis has alot more usefull information in its threads.
  15. petepuma

    Ssr110 Help

    auto zone, pep boys , etc.. they have the thread pitch u need . you can also remove the studs and run bolts into the head temporarily if you cant find anything and dont wanna miss riding. btw i used my seat bolts from my x4r in a pinch.