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  1. So I went for a ride with my newly installed griper seat cover, and of course I lost it on a big log and ripped my seat cover. Any ideas on how to patch/repair it? Was thinking putting a large inter tube patch on the inside and maybe a piece of rubber on the outside? Does anyone have any experience doing this? The season opener is coming up, and don't want to rip the cover all the way.
  2. rsr2002

    early 80's JR50 questions.

    So I traded a parts bike for a early 80's JR50 and am having trouble finding information on it. The front and rear tires are the same size on the bike(2.5/10) is this correct or should the rear tire be a 2.75/10? The exhaust just kind of stops at the edge of the seat, should there be a muffler on it? What jets should be in the carb? When I went to pick it up the guy dumped in some gas, which turned out to be premixed and seems to have gummed up the carb. Whats the best way to clean it out? What spark plug/gap should I use? What years can I use parts from,ie. what did they change from the early 80's to the 90's? Thanks