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  1. motomandh

    2010 hard to start when "cool"... Capacitor wearing out?

    I go through the same thing when I first start my 2010. By accident, I found out that if I use the hot start a little (even when cold), it starts easier after a few kicks. Might be worth a try.
  2. motomandh

    Are the Moose radiator cages bulky?

    I was thinking about trying the Unibiker. But, I didn't want to go without the louvers. I used to have the Devol guards, which are a lot like the Unibikers, on an old 96 rm250. And, it seemed to overheat more without the louvers. Plus, they seemed to clog easier with roost from other bikes on the track. So, I was a little concerned with some of the overheating issues on the 2010 that some people are reporting. I guess I'll just have to crash ( or tip over ) less often. This is a track only bike for now. So, it really doesn't have to be bomb proof. Maybe after I've beat it up from mx, it'll become more of an offroad bike. When that time comes, I'll put the cages back on for durability. They do seem to be very strong for the rougher off road treatment. p.s. I measured the bottom of the radiator cages and came up with right about 16 inches from bottom to bottom. I'll put the w/c braces on and let you guys know what the difference is.
  3. motomandh

    Are the Moose radiator cages bulky?

    Ok, I finally made it to a track yesterday for a little testing. Just riding around and warming up was ok. But, when I started pushing the pace, I began to really notice the extra width in the front of the shrouds. Which really made it more difficult to stay as far forward as before. I put in about an hour on the bike and adjusted somewhat to the extra width. But, after the day was done, I think I'll go back to the weaker works connection supports because they don't push out my shrouds much if any compared to the cages. I'll take some measurements (with and without the cages) at the radiators and the front of the shrouds, and post them as soon as I get the w/c guards on.
  4. motomandh

    Are the Moose radiator cages bulky?

    So, I just got the MSR cages from motorcycle superstore instead of the moose ones. Not a big deal as I think they are the same thing and quite beefy. However, They didn't go on very easily. First, I had to slot the holes where they bolt to the frame in order to bolt them up. Then, there was no way that the bottom radiator shroud bolt would go through without pulling them off again and modding the brace. So, I just zip tied it for now for the first test ride. As far as the bulkiness of them, I think it pushed out the rads about 3/4- 1 inch per side at least. It made my slim, 250 like, bike seem like it had a few to many cheese burgers. I run asterisk knee braces and like to keep my knees in tight to the bike when I put my foot forward in turns. I'll do a ride test at a track tomorrow and let you guys know how they affect the handling. I hope it won't be to bad as I like protecting these fragile radiators.
  5. motomandh

    Are the Moose radiator cages bulky?

    Thanks guys. I just ordered some of the Moose guards. They should be much stronger than the thin works connection ones I had on my 06. Those ended up bending and cracking with a few tip overs.
  6. motomandh

    Are the Moose radiator cages bulky?

    I'd like to get some radiator protection for my new 2010 RMZ450. I really like the way the moose cages look for protection vs the works connection. But, do they push out the shrouds any significant amount? I mostly ride and race motocross with this bike. And, I'd like to preserve the slim feel around the shrouds. Thanks.
  7. motomandh

    Mxa talks 2011 rmz450

    Yes it is a good article. I really like what they had to say about tuning in the forks and the suspension in stock form. It would have been nice to know how much the rider(s) weighed and their skill level...Still, it's good info. Thanks for posting it.
  8. motomandh

    2010 and 2011 Plastics the same?

    I think the only difference is the color of the front # plate. 2010=yellow, 2011=white.
  9. motomandh

    Hard to crank?

    I ended up going with an aftermarket fuel screw. It really helps . You can actually dial it in with the bike running. I'm also running a quickshot which seems to help a little too. As far as hot starting...It works best to find neutral first. Then take your hand off the throttle completely. ( I just rest it on top of the throttle cables to avoid twisting the throttle .) I then hold the hot start while kicking. It usually starts in 2-3 kicks. Then release the hot start once it fires up . I also turn up the idle a bit . Good luck and I hope this helps a little. 06 rmz 450.
  10. motomandh

    does anyone know.....

    Works connection makes these braces. They go for about $125.
  11. motomandh

    White Brothers Carbon Fiber PRO II

    I got a White Brothers full system aluminum pipe for an 05 RMZ450 and called the company to see if it would fit an 06. They said it hits the radiator hose and I would need one for an 06. I got such a great deal on it I decided to try and make it fit. I ended up loosening up the radiator hose a little and giving it a little twist, then tightening it up to give it a little more clearance. This seemed to give it enough clearance. And just for insurance, I wrapped the rad hose with some header tape in that one spot and securing that with some safety wire. So far no problems and the pipe wakes it up quite a bit as well. So, I think if you can find a really good deal on an 05 pipe for an 06... Go for it.
  12. motomandh

    RMZ450 suspension companies

    I'm a vet,nov-int .mx/sx rider weighing in at 160 lbs. , looking into getting my 2006 rmz450 suspension revalved soon. I'm thinking of going with one of the following : pro-circuit , RG3 , factory connection , or MB-1. I'd like to know what you guys are running and if you're satisfied with the results?