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    Made it street legal. Great fun!
    Made it street legal. Great fun!
  2. Have you checked I just run a bogus quote for a KLX300R and it came out around $600 (I pretended to live in London, ON). VermontDuc
  3. a 1/4 inch OD clevis pin from the local hardware store will work too. Just cut it if it's too long. Vermontduc
  4. I installed BBR's damping rods and heavy duty fork springs in the stock forks and am very happy with the set up. Travel has increased significantly and the forks no longer bottom when jumping. VermontDuc
  5. I just installed a motionpro 1.6" rim lock. Had to grind quite a bit of it away to make the tire beads sit properly but it seems to be working fine. VermontDuc
  6. Thanks. I will try that. I have a pretty stiff fork/shock setup and the tubes seem to be taking all the beating now.. VermontDuc
  7. the rear tire of my KLX110 suddenly went flat tonight after a couple of fun jumps....the stock tube burst around the valve stem. Never seen that happen before. Can anyone recommend some heavy duty tubes that would fit the 12" rim? Thx VermontDuc
  8. does it fit with the stock footpeg mounting bar? Thx VermontDuc
  9. check out CHP's cable actuated kit @ vermontduc