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  1. i have just started to jet my bike.....right now the jetting is stock and i just put a new pipe on it and want to get the most out of it....so i started by adjusting the pilot screw and found that all the way in it still would idle......so i assume i need a smaller slow jet ???? with no jets handy i then went out and did some full throttle pulls up a long uphill road......plug came out kinda light brownish..... i will post some pics when i get a chance just to confirm....but then i went out and did 1/2 throttle and i used the pull in the clutch and kill it before letting go of the throttle strategy....and the plug looked almost exactly identical to the other test......like couldnt notice any difference between the 2....i have an ICAT (product that changes the spark duration ect) installed on the bike and was wondering if that could be affecting my reading and now allow me to fine tune it .....just a thought and was curious if this happens...........bike is 06 crf 450 and with icat....stg 1 hotcam...powernow....white bros carbon fiber pipe.... also i didnt use a new plug when i tested the 2nd time......42 sj ///4th clip///168 mg... elevation = 3500ft.......temp = 80-90's...sorry for the long post and if anyone could help that would be great...
  2. [/img]http://i63.photobucket.com/albums/h129/thumpy101/bike/83.jpg