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  1. Does the open end of the oil seal point towards the inside of the engine or does it point outward? I have the seal installed with the flat side pointed (spring) side pointed in towards the clutch side. Is that correct? I know you are supposed to out the spring side towards the side you want to seal...but the engine has oil on both sides so I'm not sure which side it goes on. My guess is in due to pressure on the clutch side. Thanks!
  2. Just thought I'd follow up on this for anyone in the future. As someone had suggested, the clutch plates were stuck together. After I took it apart and cleaned them all and reassembled, it would shift fine when off. It still wouldn't shift while running so I replaced the outer basket and voila! This whole thing was a major blessing in disguise. When I took the case cover off, I had noticed that the counter balancer sprocket was broken. I ended up replacing that, all the bearings, impeller shaft and bearings. It's running like a champ now!
  3. Thanks guys. Ill probably stash some money and start tearing into it. I've got some favors in the hopper from some mechanic friends so ill prob keep em in reserve in case i get in trouble. Ill likely replace the clutch, basket and whatever else needs it. (Lower bearings while I'm in, forks, drum, etc...). This thing is tuning into a money pit! I've got almost $1200 in it so far and havent even ridden it yet! (except the one time i mentioned above) I don't think this round will be cheap either
  4. Yeah, me too. I took for a ride when I picked it up and shifted through the gears fine. I honestly don't know what to think. I can't imagine how the suspension guy could've done anything. He didnt get in the motor or anything. The only thing i could think is if it fell off the stand and jammed the shifter or something. Who knows though. I guess I'll start tearing into it and see where it takes me. I don't really have any experience in transmissions so I'm a little nervous.
  5. No, I cannot shift withthe bike off either. Sorry, should have been more specific. Haha
  6. Had another thought...if I remove the clutch, should I be able to shift? If so, I should be able to narrow the problem down by removing the clutch.
  7. I took the clutch cover off and moved the plates with a screwdriver so they weren't sitting in the notches. I pulled the clutch lever but it still drug and i still couldn't shift. Either way, I think I need a new basket but I don't think this explains the shifting problem. I'm really not sure what's up with this...may have to take it to an expert. Transmissions problems scare me.
  8. Will the notched basket cause the bike to not shift? Or is that a seperate issue (shift fork or something like that). I would think it would shift into 2nd with the bike off if it was a clutch problem but it won't.
  9. Clutch plates aren't stuck. I took the clutch cover off and inspected them. I was able to move them back and forth with a screw driver. And they moved freely. I did notice the basket was notched pretty bad though. Could that cause inability to shift? I moved the plates so they were not sitting in the notches and I still could shift and the bike still would not coast. Not sure if that makes sense.
  10. Yeah, I have already spent way too much on this thing in the last year. Haha. Ill give the rocking thing a try.
  11. Yeah, I let it warm up for a while before getting on. Is the fix to install new plates? Or can the be "unstuck?"
  12. I had some engine work done on my bike. It sat for about 8 months while I saved some money and had the work done. I got the bike back and took it for a quick ride and it shifted without any issues. I then immediately took it to a suspension guy to have the shocks rebuilt. It sat for another 4 months without running. When I got it back and finished the project, I took it for another test run. I noticed the bike was very hard to shift into neutral but didnt think much of it...figured it was cause I'd been off the bike in so long. I jumped on and went to shift to second and it wouldn't click. The shift lever moved upwards freely but it wouldn't engage. I stopped the bike to check it out and didnt see anything. I kicked the engine over while it was still in first (with the clutch lever pulled in) and it lunged forwards as if the clutch was still engaged. Any chance the plates somehow fused together while sitting? Or do I have bigger problems? I checked the throttle adjustment and changed the oil. I'm using Rotella D 15w40 and have been doing so for years. The clutch plates and basket has never been changed. I have read many posts that point to shifter forks and shaft, but given that the bike was fine before it sat and the new development with the lack of disengaging, I'd think they were related. Any advice would be appreciated.
  14. Will do guys. Thanks for the advice. Sorry for the duplicate post. TT was having some trouble and I didn't think my first thread took. Got my saved search on eBay right now!
  15. Thanks guys. I think I will replace it. I was leaning this way since I had it out. If nothing else, this post can serve as a source for future me's wondering what a mediocre to bad looking piston looks like.