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  1. motoxdink

    yz 80 carb

  2. motoxdink

    yz 80 carb

    does a yz 80 carb work on a ttr125, whats the benifets
  3. motoxdink

    ttr big bore or exhaust

    reply asap
  4. motoxdink

    ttr big bore or exhaust

  5. motoxdink

    TT-R 125L start up & idle issue

    r u interested in sell that t4 pipe
  6. motoxdink

    ttr big bore or exhaust

    any body want to sell a ttr 150 big bore kit... great condition, or a bbr or procircuit or two bros exhaust, or a carb kit for my ttr125:excuseme:
  7. motoxdink

    WANTED: TTR125e 14" Rear Wheel

    ttr125 has a 16'', rear, why do you want to go lower
  8. motoxdink

    pro circuit ttr125... question

    what size jet do i need for the pro circuit t4 exhaust system i bought for my 2003 ttr125l:confused:
  9. motoxdink


    i bent my rim on my ttr155(rear) so i want to get a set of red, black, or gold aluminum rims, and maybe some new black plastic, and i want a bbr d section( my lowest price right now is 300), any body wanna go lower or help me out with these parts.
  10. motoxdink

    !!!JD Jetting Kit for TTR125 Released!!!

    do they make 110 sizes
  11. motoxdink

    bbr d- section

    please help
  12. motoxdink

    bbr d- section

    does any body want to sell a good condition bbr d section pipe for a 2003 ttr125:ride:
  13. motoxdink

    tt-r 125 smoking

    clean the inside guts, change oil
  14. motoxdink

    ttr125 exhaust reports

    i want a bbr d-section, any body got 1
  15. motoxdink

    Everything you need to know about your TT-R 125

    dyno test for exhaust