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  1. snakebit95

    Any Dual-Sport Riders around Montgomery, AL?

    Looks like an OUTSTANDING place to ride!! Thanks for the link to that website too!! Some good reading......
  2. snakebit95

    Any Dual-Sport Riders around Montgomery, AL?

    Not sure my little WR250F would like a ride on the Interstate wide-open for 3 hours - LOL. Any good riding down there though? I was in Mobile a couple of months ago. Looks like you guys are recovering from Katrina nicely. However, I also had a chance to check-out Biloxi while down that way. WOW.........what a mess that is. Not even all the BIG money from the casinos has cleaned-up the beach-front yet. News / Internet photos do no justice as to how bad that really is. I use to live in Biloxi, and could not figure-out where I was since all the landmarks were practically gone. SAD......SAD......SAD..........
  3. Just wondering if there are any other dual-sport riders around the area. Any good woods riding in fair driving distance?
  4. Yes, Cleonard is right about the smaller bikes. There is no way I would even try to get my little 250cc on the Interstate. All of my travels are through town and 55 MPH back-roads. I got the bike to save gas on nice weather days, and to have some fun on the weekends........all without taking-up too much space in my crowded garage.
  5. face plant, I can relate, since I have a WR250 that I ride to work weekly (about 22 miles each way). Haha, I get quite a few strange looks too. I actually had a cop stick his head out his window as he drove by to see if I had a tag on the bike. When he saw it, he just kept going - LOL. Yes, I burn tires up pretty quick too. I am going to try the Dunlop 606's as my next set, and see how they last.
  6. snakebit95

    Dual purpose

    I would like to hear some opinions too. I have been running the stock tire for the past 150 miles or so back & forth to work, and the knobbies are probably about 1/2 the height of stock now. I searched this same topic a week ago, and the majority seemed to like either the Dunlop 606 or the Pirelli MT21 on the rear. Somebody in the dual-purpose forum said they had nearly 5K miles on an MT21; but I'm not sure how much of that was road-riding. The stock front tire seems to be wearing very little. Anybody have any other options / opinions? Wayne
  7. Well, I have the stock Dunlop knobbies on my WR250F that I ride to work daily. I have not had any problems with slipping or sliding on the road; but I do not accelerate hard into / out-of the turns. If you think you are going to ride the bike on the pavement like you do off-road, be prepared for a rude awakening!! As for rain......I will not ride it on a wet road. Common sense tells me it is a most-certain accident looking for a place to happen.
  8. snakebit95

    Parking in the rain a problem?

    That is one sweet bike cover!! I agree that somebody may decide they like it as much as I do (or more) while parked. I am going to see what Wally World and Target have today. I took some measurements on the bike to compare to the covers they offer. Thanks again!! Wayne
  9. I understand that if somebody wants something badly enough, they will find a way to get it. It is no different than the locks on our car / house doors. If they want the car or something inside my home, they will knock a window out and get it. Somebody mentioned earlier that a lock is to keep the semi-honest people honest; which I believe is what I am trying to accomplish. Right now, I feel like my bike is like a car sitting with the keys in the ignition yelling...."Please drive me!!". I would rather a thief have to work harder than that to take my bike; and I'm sure my insurance company feels the same way!! Since I really only plan to leave the bike at work around co-workers in a guarded / gated / camera monitored facility, it is hard to believe somebody would actually try to steal it.......but in the deepest part of my mind, something says "You never know the people you work with until something like this happens". Anyways, I really appreciate all the feedback and the different view-points.
  10. snakebit95

    Parking in the rain a problem?

    Hey.......I like the tarp / cover idea. I can't believe I didn't think of that. Guess that is why I asked for advice. Thanks!!
  11. snakebit95

    Parking in the rain a problem?

    Well......I wish there was a covered area I could park it. My work has a designated area for motorcycle parking, and it is open to the weather. I guess a plug will be my best bet. I only plan to ride it on good weather days.......but you know how weather prediction goes!!!!! Thanks for all the feedback so far.
  12. I have a WR250 plated for the street, and want to drive it to work occassionally. I'm wondering if rain would be a problem accumulating in the exhaust pipe while parked. Anybody have any experience with parking in the rain? I thought about just keeping a rubber plug with me and sticking it in the pipe when parked; but I get the feeling I would need to carry a bag of them Thanks!! Wayne
  13. Hey!! Thanks for that link. This must be a popular issue, considering all the feedback on this thread in such a short time. I really appreciate all the ideas. The disc lock with a tether seems like the way to go, and maybe I will look for a keyed ignition switch that I can swap with the push-button ignition I currently have. The disc locks remind me of how the New Oreleans police handle unpaid parking tickets. If you have outstanding tickets and they find your car parked on the street..........they install "The BOOT" on your car until they collect on the tickets
  14. Well.......a quick internet search on disc lock provided some pretty interesting hits. Now that I see what it is, it worries me that I might forget to remove it before riding and ripp some spokes off the wheels. However, I did find something called "lever locks"; which is a keyed lock that depressed the brake or clutch lever and locks it to the handlebar. That should do the trick, and it is something that I will not forget to remove before riding. If anybody is interested, I found them at www.lockitt.com/LeverLocks.htm
  15. Bomber, Can you elaborate a bit on the disc lock? Is it easy to install, and where did you purchase it? Yes, I know it would not take much to throw it in the back of a truck. If somebody is that die-hard about stealing it, they will get it. I want to deter the opportunity of hitting the green button and leaving on it. Thanks!!