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  1. Muktown

    Good price for a 1998 650L

    thanks for the advice. it looks like i will be getting it whenever the guy decides to finally sell it. im hoping soon. whats the maintenence like and what should i watch out for?
  2. Muktown

    calling all wisconsin riders

    im hoping to have a 1998 650l soon. im from mukwonago but i would love to take it riding whenever i get it
  3. Muktown

    Good price for a 1998 650L

    the bike doesnt have a scratch on it and it was owned by a motorcycle mechanic. i plan on using it for mostly road use because i have a 400ex for the trails. its mostly for riding around for college. maybe a little on the trails. is it more of an on or off road bike. the problem is i dont want a rocket and enduros are very hard to find around here. how is maintenence on them and what should i watch out for when i go take a closer look at it? thanks for the help
  4. hey guys im new to this forum and i was looking for an enduro bike and found a 1998 XR650L for 4000 miles on it for $2,000. is this a good price? i dont know much about motorcycles and are they a good bike? any advice is appreciated -Justin