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  1. How was your jetting affected by the big bore and cams? I am considering these mods to my 09 Yzf. I would rather spend the money on this rather than a high dollar exhaust.
  2. I have read of others having this problem after they re-install the ap. I believe there is an o-ring that is easily misplaced during tear down and re-assembly. You can also do a search on the forum for the same problem.
  3. What size leak jet did you wind up with while using this mod? What is your elevation where you are? Thanks for any info, I have been meaning to do this mod but have been too lazy.
  4. I found them. Thanks anyway.
  5. I have a 2006 YZ250F with the JD jet kit and I have misplaced the instructions that come with the kit. Could some one please email me a copy of those. My email addy is . Thanks allot I am currently re-jetting for the summer months and need a place to start. I remember the red needle being recommended for the summer months but I do not remember the clip location.
  6. I have considered getting mine Rhino lined but decided against it for the time being. I am interested in seeing the response you get from the guys and gals on here.
  7. Check out this website. It belongs to a TT user named AV. He has allot of useful info and how to's on his site. Just copy and paste in your address bar.
  8. Sweeeeet!
  9. Here is my second entry. It is an 03 CR125 with new tires and plastic. It is forsale by the way. PM if you are interested. You gotta love those 2 smokers.
  10. I think they look great! They should look sweet when you get them on the bike. Please post the finished product when you get time. By the wat who did those for you?
  11. Thanks allot guys for the compliments. I am pretty excited how it turned out as well. Now I am ready to put some scratches on it in the dirt. YYYeeeaaaahhh!!!!!! I love this stuff!
  12. Thanks for the compliment. Well I hope the carbon takes most of the trashing instead of the frame. It looks good for now, thats about all it is good for anyway.
  13. Here is my entry: By the way all the bikes look great, but it is hard to beat the Heckler.
  14. Yeah I know I am a bit of a copycat I suppose. It is part of my constant desire to be like you. You inspired me.
  15. Yak there is a huge side of me that agrees with your philosophy whole hearted, but tricking out bikes and four wheelers is a sickness I have. Besides spending money keeps the wife busy chewing on my a$$.