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  1. thelittlefatmailman

    125cc to 131cc question

    well how much horsepower are you looking at getting out of one of these kits??
  2. thelittlefatmailman

    bike man performance Nitrous for Pit BIKES!!!!!!

    pocketbikesunlimited.com sells a wet nos kit for 4 stroke pit bikes or pocket bikes, its kinda costly but yeah...BIG power gains
  3. thelittlefatmailman

    125cc to 131cc question

    Hey guys, I was wanting to know if any of you guys have put the 131cc high compression kit on ther 125cc pit bike, because I am wanting to know if its worth the money or not....because if it is, than i might be getting the kit this summer or something. thx
  4. thelittlefatmailman

    What 125cc Pit Bike

    get a new ssr-c4, great bike
  5. thelittlefatmailman

    Pit bike dealers in kansas city??

    Hey guys, I was just wandering if any of you knew if some were in kansas city any bike dealers sell pit bikes also, im looking at buying a ssr bike or something. thx
  6. thelittlefatmailman

    110 bore kit?

    I don't think you can, I know that you can put a 114cc kit on a 110cc engine, and it will give u about 3 more hp or so.
  7. thelittlefatmailman

    Are dry nos kits bad on your engine?

    so...if your running a dry nos kit than you want your engine to run really rich on fuel im guessing
  8. thelittlefatmailman

    Are dry nos kits bad on your engine?

    no I have a pocket bike, { aka the x12 } and anyways, it uses the same engines that pit bikes use, its bacicly the same thing, but anyways im just wanting to know that if I put a dry nos kit on my 110cc engine if it would mess it up or w/e.... no sarcasm...honest question, lol
  9. thelittlefatmailman

    Are dry nos kits bad on your engine?

    I have been wanting to know for a long time now if dry nos kits are bad on your engine, I have herd that they are what do you guys think about it???
  10. thelittlefatmailman

    were do i buy a wet nos kit?

    I was just wandering were I could buy a wet nos kit for my 110cc 4 stroke 4 speed for a good price, I know that pbu sells one for 650$...but I think thats a little to over priced for me
  11. thelittlefatmailman

    110 Vs. 125

    go with the 125cc because it can be upgraded to a 131cc, and the 110cc can only be upgraded to a 114cc, both of those give awsome power boosts, like upgrading the 110cc to a 114cc will add about...maby....2-3hp gain, so you can go from having around a 7-8hp engine to having a 9-10hp engine, but upgrading the 125cc to a 131cc will add about the same, but you start out with higher hp.....like...i think that the 125cc engines are around....8 and 1 half hp maby....so you could prolly get your engine up to around 11-12 hp with the 131cc head upgrade and a head breather kit from pocketbikesunlimited.com....and you might even be able to get 13hp if you put in there inferno ignition kit. hope that I helped any
  12. thelittlefatmailman

    Bent foot peg mount

    foot peg mounts cost sooo much money...all the ones that i have seen are about 120$ or so....im prolly wrong though. if you guys have found ones cheaper that are just as good or better tell me.
  13. thelittlefatmailman

    ssr better then thumpstar?

    i would rather have the ssr...but thats just me....i think thumps are a rip off....but ino... because with an ssr all you need to do it replace the rear shock and foot pegs/mount, and your good to go for half the price.
  14. thelittlefatmailman

    chain breaker

    hey dude do u ride at a track or anything, because i live in kansas city, and i might be getting a pit bike, and it would be sweet if you wanted to ride with me here and there or something.
  15. thelittlefatmailman


    i want some videos!!!...grrr...