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  1. Mine will be here tomorrow. Tried the 5's on today. They seemed comfy. So I hope the 7's feel as good.
  2. Looking for a code. Buyin new boots. Will pay it forward.
  3. I live near pittsburgh. Can anyone suggest jetting for stock 06 YZ459? Thanks. Lokked in the sticky, but noone in my area.
  4. OK, so which one goes on which side. I better check mine!!!
  5. I love mine. Definately needs to be jetted, and chain replaced.
  6. Nice pics. I recognize some of them. I live just off 168, near the game lands. I've ridden to negley twice in the last month. Mostly trails, Had to hit the road a few times. I don't have a dual sport, but thats never stopped me. Anyway just wanted to say Hi, and nice pics. Ike