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  1. So i have a kx250f 04' 32hrs on it... yea i know, new business no time for riding but problem is i went for a ride this morning all going good, stalled it went to kick it over and it was like teeth had broken off on kickstart cog, closer inspection showed the main crankcase is cracked right round kickstart area??? anyone else had the same problem or any suggestions, To me it looks like its going to need a new righthand complete crank case or weld and reface..?? (if anyone has a spare one needed) managed to bump start it and get back to car but could only get 1st gear then 1,2,3 the all after 300m or so... thinking i should have left it in the shed doh.. any help/ ideas like is that a comman fault cause it would seem like a factory fault/ weak point to me!!?? Thanks!!