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  1. Well theres this jump I want to clear and in order to not kill your self you have to break in the air but I can seem to use my back break while in the air(pulling in the clutch and braking is all to much for me) So I was wondering if I could use the front break to bring my end down instead of my back break? Thanks
  2. the honda is like $700 more
  3. O ok I know what is know I thought it had somthing to do with water or somthing like that
  4. I hope I can go this weekend but one problem.... I have to sell my 125 and then I will be buying a 450 and I dont think that will happen in 3 days, maybe next week Hey Flyin Dub is that thing really 130ft?
  5. 1. RC 2. Andrew Short 3. Chad Reed 4. Bubba 5. IDK
  6. I have watched that race 3 times now. But it never gets boring. I could watch the same motocross/supercross race over and over and I still wouldnt get bored of it
  7. Just let ya guys know Its not seattle...
  8. 4-5 years
  9. Uh....I fell over in a corner.... When I think og it, I dont crash much maybe once every 2 or 3 rides
  10. Go with a 450 I am 14 and I am getting a YZF450 in a couple days I think a 125 would be to small for you and wouldnt be the best on trails.
  11. Can I see a video of laracos leap? All I have seen was pictures
  12. The Tech 8's
  13. On ebay they had a couple nice 1999 YZF400 for $1400
  14. what size bike do you wanna get?