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  1. Saw a light ring of wear on the float needle. Just to be sure and avoid another carb removal I bit the bullet and dropped $60 on the entire float needle assembly.
  2. So how many people are replacing the float needle ? That seems like the more logical failure point.
  3. Ahh yes, figured that out. It appears the Viton 8X1.5MM might be the correct unit but I do not know for sure.
  4. I loathe removing the carb but it sounds like I need to in this instance. Thanks for the heads-up, looks like I will be ordered o-ring #18
  5. I ordered the Yamaha non-vacuum petock, for now I will probably leave the carb alone unless something else goes haywire.
  6. In regards to too much fuel coming from the Petcock- Should the float bowl needle shut-off have stopped the overflow ?
  7. What if any side-effects can occur ? I am aware that you need to manually turn the petcock to the off position after every ride ?
  8. Well this is turning into the Petcock situation from hell. Bike sat over the weekend and somehow the newly "rebuilt" petcock leaked so much fuel downstream the bottom of the airbox and filter are now soaked in gas. I would have thought a new diaphragm would have fixed the leak but apparently not. If I open the petcock back up what should I look at in terms of seeing the issue ? At this point I might just have to buy either a new oem unit or convert to the non-vacuum type. Thoughts ?
  9. One other question- After rebuilding the petcock is it normal when removing the lower carb fuel stop screw to have all the fuel run out from the tank and not just the fuel left in the bowl ?
  10. Makes sense ! I did see some oil drippage that looked pretty runny. Thanks ! Oil change kit is on the way
  11. 2004/S 3x3 Mods-stock carb. Bike has always ran great, starting/idling/etc. However after sitting thru a mild Salt Lake City winter I noticed the petock was leaking so I replaced the diaphragm and spring. I also just replaced the battery as I thought this might be part of the problem. So what is happening now is that the bike will start fine and run for about ten minutes until it gets nice and warm then all of sudden the idle gets lower and lower and the bike dies. When this happen the bike does not want to re-start, and the only way I can get it to re-start is to full-open the throttle, bike will then run for a while and then die again exactly as stated above. Very odd- Anyone got any ideas ? Carb is getting fuel...
  12. Yes the vacuum line is attached - I replaced the tank with a larger Clarke tank two months ago and was running just fine. Bike sat three weeks on a fully charged battery, replaced rear exhaust only and now the bike barely runs. One idea I had was that maybe a small plastic shaving from inside the clarke tank made it past the fuel filter ? I did clean it pretty good prior to installation - Assuming I need to pull the carbs and get the Pilot jet out to inspect, should it be fairly obvious if something is blocking passage ?
  13. Can I get to the pilot without fully removing the carb, its been awhile since I jetted but didnt forgot how much of a PITA it is for carb removal and replacment. Thanks for the replies
  14. Removing the tank, carb, unfun- damn
  15. You think a contaminant made it past the fuel filter or a mechanical blockage ?