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    Need your CRF250X seat

    Tossing a line out here to see if I get a bite. I am looking for a seat base, condition of the seat does not matter. I built up the stock seat with a gel pad and low height for my wife to ride the bike, but my rear would appreciate a lot more padding when I steal the bike. Ideally someone has an tall overstuffed seat ready to sell, but I would take just the seat pan so I can roll my own if needed. I have been watching Ebay, but nothing reasonably priced has turned up. Thanks, Frank
  2. fjfilips

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    Hey Schmo, I am planning to head up there Thursday 7/18 - 7/21 with my wife, kids & dog to tent camp & ride. My wife rides a plated CRF250X (intermediate rider) and I will be getting the kids putzing around on a TTR90 and PW80 also. Currently only have one friend coming with us to test out his recently acquired XR250, but is experienced. I would like to circle the wagons with a few more thumpertalk folks, last went on a KM ride with you guys on 9/2/12. We haven't finalized a camping location yet. I like Bonita Meadows, but is there a safe flat fireroad for the kids to practice like there is in the Tory Meadows Overflow? Hopefully I can shake a few more nuts from the tree to go riding, temps are suppose to be a plesent 40-80. Frank
  3. Here is what I used on my Tusk kit. Works perfectly. Drilled a hole in the front light shroud by the right fork to mount it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/KEY-IGNITION-SWITCH-SCOOTER-MOPED-ATV-DIRT-BIKE-50CC-70CC-110CC-125CC-/320835865109?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4ab34eca15
  4. fjfilips

    ID this TTR90 part please

    100% Thanks! An easy fix, that is good news! Frank
  5. fjfilips

    ID this TTR90 part please

    Howdy, Picked up a TTR90 this weekend and did a top to bottom maintenance and once over. However, I found the following part under the bike when I buttoned it up and I assume it fell off someplace. Can someone identify it and let me know where I need to stick it? Mucho Gracias!
  6. fjfilips

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    Glad I worked late Saturday night getting the wiring done on the CRF250X, it was good to get out for a ride. It was a bonus to see some faces I recognize like Roger from 5 years ago when I was first learning to crash the XR650R up there. Thanks for letting me tag along! Definetely a good clip running around the trails, I enjoyed myself and the cool(er) weather was appreciated. My dual sport wiring seemed to survive the test ride, now need to get a computer fan installed with a thermoswitch and some Evans coolant to get it Kennedy Meadows proof. Frank
  7. Very nice exhaust, but don't get carried away on price. These were sold for only $400 brand new: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-166772.html
  8. fjfilips

    Edlebrock Pumper overhaul

    Pump plunger? How hard did you try? One phone call to Edelbrock last year for my XR650R got me the piece (Edelbrock 310-781-2222 Part # 9098, $9). Unfortunately, they do disintegrate and start to stick, but for that price I got two... Frank
  9. fjfilips

    Rider(Gassyphil) Down!!!!

    Phil, Owww, that sounds like it hurt! Hope you heal fast. Guess it will be a while before I get to ride up in Big Bear with you. Frank
  10. fjfilips

    April 16th-21st ride

    I finally got the ol' truck packed up and headed for the desert Friday morning. Since most of the attendees were either inebriated, passed out, or on pain pills and won't remember who I am, here is my mug heading up the 14 With the power of GPS I located the campsite and I decided to set up camp in one of the plush cabins. Once I parked my truck out front of the cabin and grabbed a seat on the front porch with my banjo, strangely everybody else decided to sleep out in the middle of the desert. I am glad to finally get a chance to ride with some of the guys I have been reading posts from for quite a while. Unfortunately it looks like all of the horror stories are true. Borynack was kind enough to lead a couple of loops west of camp on Friday and not get me too lost while I got my sea legs back under me. It was pretty easy to follow Bruce, all I had to do was follow the 30 foot high roost trail of dust. Later on Friday I climbed up the hills north of camp and took a few pics. Here is camp out in the middle of the valley And a picture of Goler Gulch itself About 9 am on Saturday, Gene Lane couldn't take sitting still any longer and led a nice paced ride out to McIver's Cabin and back, about 85 miles or so. Had everything from whoops to forest trails to dirt roads to highway. A well rounded ride and it was just what the doctor ordered After that perfect ride, it was about 4pm. I had achieved a perfect motorcycle zen state and decided to call it a weekend. Thanks everyone for the hospitality and for showing me another great riding area. Frank P.S. To the two Pig riders from LA that rode their bikes all the way to Goler Gulch, with full camping gear, and then followed Gene on Saturday across the desert to McIver's Cabin, you sirs are nucking futs.
  11. fjfilips

    April 16th-21st ride

    Help me Obi-Wan! My riding plans are in jeopardy! First my wife bails on the trip with the weak excuse that her emergency appendectomy four days ago might somehow hinder her riding ability. Next my fellow XR650R riding buddy thinks staying home with a violent cold is somehow better than riding with a violent cold. So at the moment I am flying solo. Is there anyone heading up Friday morning - Sunday that has room for an XR650R, tent, and a cooler of beer that I could split the fuel tab with? It would save me a long solo drive in the ol' farm truck (65 Ford). My starting (and hopefully ending) location is Torrance. Thanks! Frank
  12. fjfilips

    Edelbrock variable idle

    I will jump in on this thread with some additional possible causes of a hanging idle on the Edelbrock. I have had it apart myself about 3 times, and I have sent mine back to Edelbrock twice in an attempt to solve the hanging idle problem & I think I finally got mine solved. Throttle wheel not returning fully: Need to ensure visually that the throttle cable wheel returns fully to the idle adjustment screw (when idle hangs, grab wheel & ensure it is fully seated). If the wheel is not going all the way back, then your problem will be poorly routed cables, misadjusted cables (pull cable does not have enough slack), weak carb spring (put another twist into the spring by removing the shaft), or the accelerator pump/ pump linkage is sticking (I had this problem at first). If the throttle wheel is firmly returning to idle position: A lean idle get can mimic a hanging idle, try enriching the idle jet setting. Too much accelerator pump injection can mimic a hanging idle while the excess gas is burnt off, try reducing the accelator pump (or better yet, just disconnect the linkage for testing) Verify throttle cable wheel is firmly affixed to the shaft. Remove top of carb & verify that the slide and metal shim that wraps around the shaft to pull on the slide are attached and free moving. I had verified all of the above several times in my troubleshooting before I stumbled on my personal cause of a hanging idle (with throttle wheel returned fully). I removed the float bowl and verified that the float level is correct. However, there is some "brillo pad" type material at the bottom of the float bowl, which I assume is to help keep gas from sloshing. However, upon close inspection I noticed that the needle attached to the carb slide sticks out of the bottom of a brass tube into the bottom of the float bowl. There is a recess in the bottom of the float bowl to allow room for the needle to drop fully. However in my particular carb, the "brillo pad" material was covering this recess. This meant that occassionally when rolling off the throttle the needle would get caught in the brillo pad and physically hold the slide up enough to cause a fast idle. A quick blip of the throttle was enough to force the needle through the material and it would return to a normal idle. Solution to my problem was simple enough. I removed the brillo pad and made a cutout over the recess in the bottom of the float bowl (it is held in place with a metal plate, so the material will not move around). Now the needle is free to fully drop, along with the carb slide, and my hanging idle is gone. I am not sure if this is a problem from the factory in other carbs, or was caused by an Edelbrock tech forgetting to cut the notch when my carb was rebuilt (to fix my original hanging idle problem - a stiff accelerator pump linkage). Hope this helps someone else. Frank
  13. fjfilips

    Santa Clarita Dual Sport Fun Ride 1/21/07

    It was good to get out in the dirt again, glad I made it out. Sorry I lost the pack in Rowher, I hope you didn't waste time looking for me. I followed the wrong dust cloud and before I realized the error of my ways, I was halfway down Lookout trail - no turning around on that one. I stopped at the first staging area at the bottom to eat my lunch since it seemed like the most logical spot to regroup before heading back over to Bouquet. No worries on my part, but I didn't want anyone out there searching for my carcass. Thanks, Frank XR650R
  14. fjfilips

    Right plate sub frame bolt

    I have the same spinning insert on my bike (that I haven't gotten around to fixing). Two options I can think off: 1. Drill through the bolt head. You can then remove the side plate and drill the insert out if you desire (in truth, it is not a critical fastener, the side plate will stay on fine without using this fastener) 2. Drill a small hole through the subframe perpendicular to the bolt (from the bottom of the bike up into the subframe). Drill into the insert and use a nail, etc inserted through the hole to hold the insert. Or think of a more brilliant soution and post it here so I can use it. Frank
  15. fjfilips

    Rowher on Sunday 10/1

    Thanks for asking, made it home without any drama. Just a few drops was all I hit (rain drops at 75 mph do sting the nose a bit). I was staring to really drag going across DWF, my breakfast bar was long used up and I didn't want to be fully drained before hitting the freeway. The piggy is set up nicely as a swiss army bike, capable of doing just about everything. On the freeway, cruising at 75 is quite comfortable and it will get to 95 if the need arises. I want to put it to good use and do an off road Baja trip sometime this fall. I am hoping to find a group to tag along with, but haven't found a match yet (gladly take any leads, have vacation days and I am not afraid to use them...) Had a great time, and still seeing new trails every time I am out there. Really liked the jumps on the trail we did going up the Fall trail bypass. Thanks to Roger for leading the pig bikes around and to Dave for leading back to the freeway (I swear there is a new road or subdivision built every time I am out there...) Frank