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  1. goonermen

    Suzuki DRZ 400 SM vs Husky SM450/510

    Don't get the DRZ...I bought one new in 06, put on a pipe, FCR carb, cams, big bore, yadda yadda yadda. Last year I bought a 08 SMR510 and this blows the doors off that thing. Don't waste your money on the DRZ, you'll be blowing tons of cash to make it faster.
  2. goonermen

    OTD 2008 Husky's?

    I'm picking my 08 smr510 on wed for 6999 plus tax
  3. goonermen

    songs for mx

    Tears don't fall is a great song, I assume you don't wanna use it though since you linked to it in the first post.
  4. The cbr tail light fits nicely
  5. goonermen

    redding california

    My sister lives there, what a coinkidink. Sorry..she doesn't ride though.
  6. I'm in the same boat as you and in wisconsin, eau claire area. I tried a 42 pilot, fuel screw all the way in, still runs fine. Going to grab a 40 and 38 pilot and a 150, 148 main jet.
  7. goonermen

    Pilot jet help.

    not yet, i'll do that in the morning
  8. goonermen

    Pilot jet help.

    Decided to try clip 4 on needle, that helped. I guess I am too lean up top and too rich on pilot circuit? Should I try a 160 main and 40 pilot?
  9. goonermen

    Pilot jet help.

    Just test drove with 42 pilot, fuel screw all the way in and clip 2. The backfiring diminished to a few pops as the revs came down. The bike killed a few times coming to stop signs. When I cracked the throttle from the lower rpms, not tooo low, the bike stalled and then proceded to accelerate although it felt slower than before. I'm confused.. Just to give you an idea of power output or responsiveness. The front end comes up maybe 6" in 2nd when I get on it from about 20mph if that helps.
  10. goonermen

    Pilot jet help.

    Tried the 42, no response from fuel screw.
  11. goonermen

    Pilot jet help.

    155 mj, 3rd clip EMN, I feel that it is still too rich though mid throttle, it seems to pull fairly well wide open although I don't know how much better it could be. It's not all that snappy when I crack it from mid throttle.
  12. goonermen

    Pilot jet help.

    Yes, I removed that before the big bore. I got a response from turning the fuel screw at that time.
  13. Just put in my 435 big bore on my drz sm and I have the fuel screw all the way in and it still doesn't sputter. Would I go from my current 45 to a 40 or 42? Also wondering if the main jet is changed...does that change how rich or lean i am mid throttle considering the needle stays at same postition? Doesn't the needle go throught the main jet?
  14. goonermen

    Cylinder discolorization??

    I put some oil on the pin but not the rod, should be fine. piston is dry. Do the circlips have to be in a certain position? I just made sure they were seated.
  15. goonermen

    Cylinder discolorization??

    435 MT Big bore Just waiting till tomorrow to put the head gasket on since that copper stuff is drying now