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  1. it appears to be piston port (i cant find any reeds), it is 371cc's-from the mid 1970's, aircooled, in line 3 cylinder, 2 stroke, came from the suzuki assembly line without expansion chambers (the exhausts were just like those on 4 strokes), is 6 speed, 54mm x 54mm stroke/bore, 6.7:1 compression, chain drive, and is kickstart only. its a suzuki gt380 motor.
  2. ive been working on frankenx (my 3 cylinder 3 wheeled 2 stroke wondermutt) lately and after tinkering with the wiring i figured out the problem and it now has spark and i have gotten it to run, although it did so like crap. it has good compression and good spark, but on tearing apart the carbs i have come to learn that they are pretty well toast. in favor of a simpler system i have opted to go with a single carb system. i have already talked to a machinist friend of mine who is going to fab me up an intake for a good price, and i have already lined up a cr500 carb. my question to you anyone here who knows 2 strokes is this: what problems could i come across by attempting to run 3 cylinders off of 1 carburetor? i know it sounds stupid but i really cant figure how multi cylinder 2 strokes get an equal amount of gas to each cylinder (look at a lot of the 2 cylinder snowmobiles), so naturally i cant see how each of the 3 cylinders would get their equal share of gas. anyone here want to flex their head muscles a little and give me a little lesson of the subject? thanks guys, Doz.
  3. as a matter of fact, i DO expect this quad to have around the same power as a 2 stroke bike... that bike, is an rm60.
  4. thanks for your input, guys. after a lot of deliberation i went and talked to some of the older guys that work in the automotive racing world building 1000 hp big blocks & such about this topic, and the told me as a matter of fact it an expansion chamber would increase the performance, but -only- if it was designed properly with all of the necessary formulas for the length of the pipe, where it should expand and how much, and also where it should neck back down-and -even then- it would come down to trial and error & still not gain much over a good 4 stroke exhaust. sadly i am not good enough with math/dont see a point in putting all of that work into a 230 quadsport (maybe if it was a 450r or something bigger, but even then i dont have the machines to build such a pipe). ill just do my best to put a good exhaust on it and i will definitely look into that fmf power bomb. thanks for your help, Jon
  5. im in the market for a exhaust system, and considering im working on fabrication up at college i thought id modify a 250r exhaust setup (expansion chamber and muffler) to fit my 230 quadsport in hopes of getting a unique sound and the scavenging effect that 2 strokes get from such setups. a 2 stroke exhaust on a 4 stroke motor, what do you guys think?
  6. topic, looking for an aftermarket cam but so far have had no luck.
  7. ok guys, i just about have my motor completed, but i have a problem. the wiring harness was chopped, leaving me with a black, a blue, and a yellow wire coming from the motor, then on the harness there are 3-4 green wires all tied into one but with no plug on the end, 2 yellow wires (one with a white stripe), a blue wire, and a black wire, how do i hook this up so i can check spark???
  8. does anyone here have a 77mm piston in their xr, & how do you like it?
  9. thats what im thinking, but im looking for some answers from the experts here because i know nothing about xr's except what ive seen tearing the 86 down & the diagrams of newer versions (96-up) which appear to be the same, but i dunno.
  10. so i cant pipe the hoses from the oilcooler back to the head at any point? (not bypassing the oilcooler, but running lines from it).
  11. thanks for the help. to answer your question, i spend most of my time in the upper rpms, the only time that im in the lower rpm area is when im just putting around my yard, & that in itself is pretty rare because i have a 1/4 mile stretch including my yard & driveway that i love to go screaming down, along with a couple several mile long trails & such. honestly, what do you guys use the lower rpm range for, because i cant remember a time when im in such a range for more than 1 minute, but then again, i run the shit out of my stuff & so do most of the people that i know...
  12. im assuming duration is the amount of time the valve is open & lift is how far the valve lifts off of the inner surface of the head, but what does each mean to me in means of power-rpms & such?
  13. thanks alot man, i appreciate it! also which does what (im new to aftermarket cams, but i know most of the area around here is flatland, with a couple of real good hills. im -mainly interested in flatout speed, but id like to be able to climb good size hills (this motor is going to be in a quad, mind you), i care nothing about wheelies. (i dont know which cam that would mean for me?) also does that page state that they sell the cams, or are those prices just for modding my existing cam? thanx guys http://www.webcamshafts.com/honda-moto.html#9
  14. would any of the xr400 heads fit on an 86 xr250, or is that just a pipe dream? (ive never seen an xr400 head, so i wouldnt know how they compare when it comes to bolts, cam chain, & etc...). thanks guys!