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  1. ckawa21

    bad engine noise 04 50f

    Alright, I have a loud knocking sound. It gets louder when you rev the bike. I have already replaced: cylinder, piston and rings, exhaust cam, buckets, cam chain and guides. All of these needed replacing. As soon as you start the bike, the sound begins, once the choke is off its not so loud, but when you rev the bike, it gets louder. I have the motor broke down, the only thing I have left to do is split the case, which I really don't want to do. I have a good mechanic doing the work, we are just out of ideas. Please help. Its been way too long since I have rode my bike.
  2. ckawa21

    04 250f problems

    My bike just started having problems. 3 weeks ago my valves were adjusted, and they were to tight, and now it makes a horrible sound. So, I started to check and noticed that it had jumped time (1 tooth). What causes them to tighten up? If my valves keep tightening up, do I need to just replace them and have my head recut? If I do this about how long should they last? Also, I have a procircuit water pump cover, and coolant leaks out at the top where my house enters, do you think its just the seal or what? Any help would be great!!