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  1. MotherGoose

    Need YZ450 advice

    Never59 is correct about the resale thing. Took a while to sell my '04 so I could get my '06. I would also get the '05 if I were you, newer bike, better resale later.
  2. MotherGoose

    Should I move to a 450f?

    Hey Jeff, I guess it's what you are comfortable with. In the early 90's when I was in the Marines and weighed 185Lbs. I rode a 2 stroke. Now that I am 38 and 240Lbs. (I know, a sack of chewed bubble gum!!!!) I ride an '06 YZ450F. I love the power and it's a really easy bike to ride. I had an '04 450 that felt like a tank but this new bike is great. I would suggest riding a friends 450 if you can do that and see how you like it. My best friend had a 250 two stroke, he took my '04 450 out and you couldn't peel the smile off his face. Next day his 2 stroke was for sale and he bought an 06 450 4 days later. Either way you go, good luck and keep ridin!!
  3. MotherGoose

    Where is the ultimate place to live for moto etc?

    Hey Cleancut, Check out Rome Georgia, beautiful smaller city (60,000 or so) and lots of tracks close by. Heck, buy some land and build your own. I am looking at Rome myself. AZ has become too populated, too crime ridden, too polluted, and too overpriced. Add in the serial killers we have running around in Phoenix and it's just lovely. On top of that the 110 plus temps really suck when you want to ride. We do have some nice tracks but the payoff isn't worth moving here. Cali is way too expensive and they have taken a long walk on a short pier with their politics.
  4. MotherGoose

    Berik OVS or Fox Forma Pros???

    I wish I never bought my pro formas. First ride with the first pair on the first kick the foot peg ripped through the sidewall. Took them back and got a new pair free. Third ride with the second pair and the same thing happened. My next purchase will be SIDI's because they come with the hard plastic plate in the arch to prevent that happening and the plate is replaceable. I am glad to hear that other guys have had luck though. They are comfortable but I am not happy with the quality.
  5. MotherGoose

    Best place to live in AZ?

    Gotta love the sound of FREEDOM!!!!!