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  1. EddyWhoGoes

    XR650R Camshaft swap

    Thankyou gents.
  2. EddyWhoGoes

    XR650R Camshaft swap

    Just wondering if anyone would be able to tell me if a cam out of a 2000 XR650R will fit straight into a 2003 XR650R ?
  3. EddyWhoGoes

    My munchkins cutting laps pics

    No, not at this point. I am conditioning them to be 'gentleman recreational trail riders' but if he his lil bro do show a desire to get into racing of any kind I would support them 100%. Its just something we do as a family and I find it to be absolute quality time.
  4. heres my boys doing some laps around a flat track area we use. this is my 11 yr old, aka 'The funny hair guy' on his YZ 85..he is as quick as I am around this track. Today was the first day he has nailed every single powerband takeoff in the dry. (these pics were taken a few weeks ago on a wet day). and this is my 10 yr old, aka 'The humungous peenis person' on his Peewee 80. He hasnt been allowed to step up to a YZ yet (as is his wish) because he has a reckless streak which I hope to curb somewhat first, for fear that it will bring him undone in a big way. hope you like them. cheers, Eddie.
  5. EddyWhoGoes

    Show your PIG

    Ozzie pig. 1999 XR600.
  6. EddyWhoGoes

    Suggestions on moving up a bike?!

    CRF 230 would be an excellent choice for a lady
  7. EddyWhoGoes

    how long can coolant sit need answer asap

    considering the minimal price of coolant, if you are worried, chuck it and buy some new stuff.
  8. EddyWhoGoes

    loose chain

    that would be the answer to 99.9% of questions on this forum, and if everyone gave that answer, it would defeat the purpose of the forum. I dont think chain tension needs to be such an exact science for someone who tends to use his ride mostly as a commuter. If I am incorrect in my post, please correct me, dont just sit there and say "buy the damn book"
  9. EddyWhoGoes

    loose chain

    that will happen automatically when you twist those adjusting plates in the directions stated.
  10. EddyWhoGoes

    loose chain

    *Loosen the rear axle nut,there will be cam type adjustment plates on both sides which are graduated by numbers. *To tighten chain, twist the right side adjuster anti clockwise, and the left side adjuster clockwise the exact same amount of graduations. *Allow for about... (I allow about an inch to an inch and a half or so of chain flop or loose play underneath) *Make sure back wheel is pushed firmly forward (dont slam it) against adjusting cam positioning lugs. *Retighten axle nut. *If you have gone to the furthest adjustment on these graduated plates already, or very near to this, you may need to get a couple of links removed from the chain. *If this makes no sense when you look at it, then I may be mistaken of what bike you have OR you need to take it to someone who knows what they are doing. Hope this helps. Eddy.
  11. EddyWhoGoes


    heres the link to download the complete 1983 - 2000 XL600 and XR600 R workshop manual, that way, you can see for yourself hope it still works.
  12. EddyWhoGoes

    It must be the breasts.....

    depends on how big your..............................................muscles are
  13. EddyWhoGoes

    Warm weather gear?

    or else WHAT ? Pilgrim
  14. EddyWhoGoes

    The Best Years???

    I hear ya! Love that word btw..... "brung" ~we didnt glide we glud, it didnt slide, it slud~
  15. EddyWhoGoes

    Custom XR600 Paint Job

    That looks shocking. Is that some sort of desert cam design ? If you stack out there on your own, they will never spot you from the air.