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  1. bvillercr

    Death Valley Ride Report to Mansons Hideout and more

    Great pictures, I don't know how I missed this one. Looks like a great place to ride.
  2. bvillercr

    450X or 450R For Me

    The R will overheat and will be hard to start on slow technical trails. The X doesn't have the HP or sharpness on turns and is heavier.
  3. Yes the desert is the place to be on the X.
  4. I wasn't talking about the DS market, I was talking about the 450x price point.
  5. A friend of mine put on a Honda ride with all of the big wigs from Honda. They asked him for his opinion and he gave it to them. He suggested a six speed and they told him it would cost $300 and put them out of their selling market. These guys just don't seem to get it.
  6. honda is not interested in making a street legal bike or a six speed tranny. It cost too much to get it there and they sell so many bikes they don't care to change.
  7. bvillercr

    EE/Moose style handguard broke

    That area sounds familiar, all rock with a few step ups and an occasional tree. Sounds fun.
  8. bvillercr

    Race a 450x in a TT?

    Nice video and yeah it is fun runnin on a TT track. There's one in Hollister, ca that is pretty fun but the straights are not as long and there are some steep banks on the turns. Sounded like you were trying to raddle your buddy into making a mistake and he did. Good job.
  9. bvillercr

    EE/Moose style handguard broke

    well, other than falling in a creek and breaking your guard how was your ride at the Bass lake area?
  10. bvillercr

    Stage 2 hot Cam is In

    I love mine, but I am also putting a 9oz steahly weight on it to take some of the hit and wheel spin out of it. Also will work much better in the woods at lower RPM.
  11. bvillercr

    Need advice on 05 vs. newer year 450x

    Looks like you found two great places to get answers. Make sure to jet the bike, do the smog modification and check the front tire. If it has the stock 742 on it then change it or you will be sorry after the front end washes out on you for no good reason. There are a lot of things to do to make the bike better(if you can believe it).
  12. bvillercr

    h&h worcs dez racing vids

    Me too.
  13. bvillercr

    h&h worcs dez racing vids

    Those guys rule.
  14. bvillercr

    How do you guys like your 450Xs?

    The 450x is a great bike in my opinion. It does need to be jetted properly and that's about it. Depending on the year you would want to change the front tire. The X has a durable racey engine, so if do a lot of woods riding you may want to put a heavier flywheel on it to put more torque to the ground and to take the hit out. I love riding my bike and would recommend it to others.
  15. bvillercr

    I bought one now what?

    It was an asbestos mine years ago, and this was just another lame excuse to shut down another great place to ride. I hate environmentalist whackos!