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  1. johnnyk59

    KTM Demo @ Grindingstone

    I was out today at the demo and just wanted to say thanks to all. Awesome riding the new bikes on the offroad course. Thx Motohouse, Mark Hyde and crew. Now i just have to make up my mind which bike i want to buy. Later, Johnny K
  2. johnnyk59

    Trailer tires

    Hey awagner, Discount Tire will beat anyones price on tires. free mounting also. get the 4.80-12 6ply load range c or if you have room go up 1 size to 5.30-12, they carry more weight. They have always treated me great and they are owned by 1 man. family runs it.
  3. johnnyk59

    Trailer tires

    Try Discount Tire, best service in the USA... Later, Johnny K
  4. johnnyk59

    No start Dead DR650SE

    My DRZ 400E had a similar problem. I had a friend come over and found out it was the starter relay. Johnny K
  5. johnnyk59

    Hodaka Fun in Prescott

    Hey WRTom, I have not meet you yet, but you sound like a great guy. Get that kid hooked on motorcycles,and he will have fun for the rest of his life. Just like we are... Peace, Johnny K
  6. johnnyk59

    Flagstaff Round II - July 11th to 14th

    Hey Carl, i would love to ride some singletrack in Flag. I have rode my mt. bike on most of the singletrack on Mt Eldon. The pix's look like the trails i rode on Eldon. I did a ride up there last year on my DRZ but only around the peaks, mostly dirt roads, etc, I could probably ride Sat- Sun I'll keep my eye out for future posts. Johnny K
  7. johnnyk59

    May 17th OCMC Tonto Forest Ride

    I"m signed up. see ya all there. Johnny K
  8. johnnyk59

    P & D Closed as of May 10, 2008

    Yeh . i want to ride P & D again too. Just be responsible.. Johnny K
  9. johnnyk59

    Phoenix - Sunday 17th.

    Hey Guys, Thanks for the tour. That singletrack off LP10 was good stuff. Johnny K
  10. johnnyk59

    Phoenix - Sunday 17th.

    Sounds good, i will be driving a little blue ford ranger p/u, with a DRZ400E See ya in the morning, Johnny K
  11. johnnyk59

    Phoenix - Sunday 17th.

    Hi Solo, How long are you guys riding ? what level A or B . I would maybe like to join you guys, i have ridden out there a few times but don't know the area real well. i used to race enduros in Mich. about 7 yrs ago . Thanks, Johnny K
  12. johnnyk59


    Thanks , Harry I will try to adjust it or get that extended screw.. John K
  13. johnnyk59


    Hey Guys, I have a 03 DRZ400E that did not pass emissions. Where is the mixture screw on the carb so i can lean it out?? I have a manual but not sure which jet or screw to turn in.. Thanks for your help. John K
  14. johnnyk59

    Map of MM11.5

    You can get one at the BLM office .i thinks it on 7th ave near deer valley
  15. johnnyk59

    Wheeling Cycle Supply- Awesome

    A few weeks ago i bought the edge taillight and blinkers from Forrest. He was great on the phone and i received my order promptly. I installed the rear light and when i hooked it up only a few lights came on. So i redid my wires and all the rest lit up . The first 3 burned out and so the next day i called Forrest and he said no problem. He shipped my a new taillight n/c. Quickly too. So a few days alter i'm riding out in the desert and my rt blinker lens fell off. So he ships me a new also n/c . All i can say is if you ever need good parts and great service call him. John K