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  1. offthewall

    CAN'T find 06' or newer YZ250(NorCal)???

    Haha tell me about it man. I just found an 07 but strangely, you have to pay an arm and a leg. Less demand, less supply, price stabilizes or goes up. Bummer. If you want, you can buy mine but you better have a lot of cash cuz I just got it!
  2. offthewall

    Can The gear spin on the camshaft????

    Sounds familiar. A bike my mechanic got his hands on had the same story. This is something your average parts changer at the local shop will never figure out. Never. Check the degree yourself with a degree wheel and your manual. I would be suprised if the bike could run at all though, save for the degree being off only so slightly. It definately could happen though.
  3. You could run either, and even a 120/90. However, you are increasing your unsprung and rotational weight. While it may not seem like much, a taller geared bike may feel it in lower RPMs. Highly modified bikes like my team runs have more options available to them, as the traction is worth the slightly increased standing inertia and the modified motors can spin all of them easily.
  4. offthewall

    Blue graphics on white plastic

    I've got a cool set made by 180 decals. Personally, I liked it enough to do it even though it isn't entirely blue.
  5. offthewall

    Anyone had head work done?

    I had a local shop do mine. Whoever you choose, make sure they have the proper credentials and reviews and generally, you will find smaller shops that can make a motor run great. Just make sure you spend plenty of time researching who is going to build your bike and back it up.
  6. offthewall

    Alpina Wheels

    Sounds sweet. I can't wait for your pictures.
  7. offthewall

    Yep, EFI for 09!!!

    Maybe a trade? Either way, you never break even on older models of those things anyway.
  8. offthewall

    YZ250f 05 forks, Poor:(

    From my experience, I would just get an '06. I could just never get along with the '05 suspension (I even liked my '04 better). The new S3 suspension is truly the best suspension around and responds to adjustments very well. Hey I just so happen to have a 2006 for sale.
  9. offthewall

    2009 yamaha?

  10. offthewall

    2009 YZ450F Info June 6th

    Yeah, they are that bad. The newer ones are better, but my pickup is a 2000 and it went bad pretty early in that one too. The new one seems to be doing better. I think Yamaha's (and really all of them by now) experience in small engines will result in a more reliable system, so no worries.
  11. offthewall

    2009 YZ450F Info June 6th

    Yeah you're definately right about the race cars and what not Gray, but do we have the room and power to run such a complicated system on our bikes? Maybe with some sort of large capacitor we could run a more complex computer, but what would we be looking at in terms of all this decision-making ability?
  12. offthewall

    2009 YZ450F Info June 6th

    Yeah, it seems like a bike could have one or both if the manufacturer wanted. It would be up to a computer or some sort of sensor to decide when to use a hot start or cold start program, and I wouldn't want to rely on that during a race. I would rather pull the hot start lever to tell the EFI system when to use a different program. I'm thinking about it, if we let the computers do too much, MX vs. ATV is only like 1% of the cost of a bike.
  13. offthewall

    2009 YZ450F Info June 6th

    I have to agree pretty much all around. If the bike runs and runs well and is as rideable as ever, does it really matter what it providing the fuel and air? Hell, in ten years people may be wondering why we even used gasoline, so we might as well go with the flow of technology.
  14. offthewall

    2009 YZ450F Info June 6th

    Maybe EFI could be an option? Then, if you want to get your 2010(?) model with a carb or with an EFI, you could get the one that suits your tastes (or fears). This idea seems like a great leap forward in marketing, where we the riders have always had to buy the same bike as everyone else; now we can pick and choose what we want.
  15. offthewall

    2009 Yz250f

    You are wise. And personally, I would prefer EFI to be an option; something that has been limited to white or blue but has tons of potential.