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  1. Hi Dabastard, I'd be amazed if any bike didn't have swarfs of metal visible during it's first oil change. I know mine did but ever since then the oil's been free of debris. I change my oil every 1500kms and she's now done over 70,000kms.
  2. Hi Marc, there was a rather delightful filly at the end of the ride!
  3. Hi Marc, the 250 sure is a keeper but I'm doing my best to wear mine out! Yesterday I covered 1013kms, in 19 hours and she never missed a beat! If I hadn't 'chin wagged' so much I'd have covered more.
  4. Hi McFlyfi, Mine was an absolute bitch to start from day one and I removed a brass plug and turned out the jet by 2 1/2 turns at the improvement was fantastic. Some others haven't even had a plug fitted, so it may only be a problem with the earlier bikes.
  5. Hi Jon, I've got both bikes in the garage. You don't notice the extra weight on the 250, I don't miss the 6th gear and ridden side by side, the bikes perform in a similar manner. The main difference is that the 250 simply fels more modern. Both great bikes.
  6. Hi Jbobst, yep the bike's used for a 70 mile daily commute (round trip), trail riding, camping weekends and regular runs to London (500 mile round trip). She's at her best speed, for both economy and comfort, at around 55 to 65 mph. She will exceed that and will top out at 85mph but gives over 90mpg at a steady 62! My daily commute consists of 30 mph (for about 15 miles), 60 mph (for about 45 miles) and 40 mph for the rest. It's usually in pretty busy traffic and involves a fair bit of filtering. Ideal bike for me.
  7. Hi McFlyfi, mine's up to 43,000 miles now and is 2 1/2 years old. Fabulous bike.
  8. Hi Drewseph, Nope, just go out & buy it. Mine puts up with a 65 mile daily commute, trail riding, camping trips and takes it all in her stride. Brilliant bike.
  9. Hi Marc, in the UK the Rally Pro kits come complete with the mounting kit and the bar inserts. The extra spoilers arn't shown on the site that you linked to but simply offer a little more protection from the wet stuff! Do I have any pull on, well I' m the highest poster on the site and, as you I'd like an additional 250 section within the forums, so let's cros our fingers eh?
  10. Hi Marc, the Rally Pro's are a really easy fit to the 250 and took me less than 20 minutes from start to finish. Nothing needed moving on the handle bars and the most difficult bit was cutting the end off the heated grips (wish I'd have gone for the pre-cut grip). They were in stock at a small local bike shop in Blackburn Lancashire.
  11. Mornin' Marc, I personally reckon that the XT250 is an evolution of the XT225 and consider it should remain under the wing of, rather than diluting the themes by setting up a new site. However I think it would be great if that particular site had a section purely for the 250 model.
  12. Hi Marc, well I've had both and think either one makes a fantastic buy. I've got the 250 and my 75 year old dad has the 225. A 2 Serow family!
  13. Hi MarcP1956, you could always come over to our site at, which has embraced the 250 as well!
  14. Hi Corky, single carb matey! Hi Jon2, I've got the 250 and my father's got a 225, both in the same garage and both ridden by me. I'd have no qualms in buying either one again in the future, but prefer the more modern feel of the 250. Both are fabulous machines in their own right. Hi GsVs, the Denali rack looks perfect for me. Cheers chaps
  15. That's a nice fitting rack. Wish they'd been about when I got my bike! Do they do an option to stop saddle bags from fowling the rear wheel?