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  1. squidrow

    Need tires not marked, not for highway use

    Well I put on a set of dunlop 952's today. I rode in muddy, wet western PA today and they were great! Compared to the pirelli's(mt21) they were like night and day. I stayed with the stock size front and rear. This is the first time I have had new tires on my xr, aside from the mt's and I was able to do things that I have not been able to do before. Instant confidence. Thanks for the responses. BTW the 952's are the same pattern as the 756's in a more durable compound and they cost 110.00 + 30 for installs.
  2. squidrow

    No (very Little??) Compression

    Hey mine just did the same thing. It turned out to be that the exhaust valves had some carbon deposit on them that was letting the compression out of the cylinder. The piston and rings were fine. Timing chain good too. They cleaned the valves, adjusted, & new gaskets. Cost about 280. Bike is running great now. They also informed me that someone else had installed a high comp. piston and hot cam so I should only use high test gas.
  3. squidrow

    Need tires not marked, not for highway use

    Those teraflex's from the link on the first page look pretty aggressive! Might just work. I have not decided if I should just skip the dot part until the bike is plated. It could take a while as I still dont have a title, but am working on it. Anyone else have anything good?
  4. squidrow

    Need tires not marked, not for highway use

    Those teraflex's look pretty aggressive! Might just work.
  5. squidrow

    Baja Designs - KLX to XR compatibility?

    Call them up, their techs are super helpful and good at troubleshooting.
  6. Hello, I have heard that you can use a tire for a dual sport as long as it is not marked "Not for highway use". Anyone know who makes a very aggressive soft terrain tire as such. I currently have new mt 21's in a 110 size on rear and they fill up and spin on anything sticky. I'm gonna get killed so help!!!
  7. squidrow

    New Black XR4

    Draybob, I agree on the seat, my old one was so worn out you felt the frame on every bump. love the new one. I also used the bulky signals because they are the only ones DOT approved and the Psycho DMV in PA is so bass ackwards that I figured I would not give them any chances to turn me down. I like the LED's much more. Diesel- The plastic is all new from Acerbis sorry. (not that expensive though)
  8. squidrow

    New Black XR4

    Still not licensed yet in PA, the title issue has stopped me almost dead in my tracks. ( I did not get the title when I bought the bike). With some luck it will get done this year. I have been using it in the woods in the meantime and still enjoying it.
  9. squidrow

    Dual Sporting security

    Get insurance that covers the replacement cost and go get a better, newer bike. Send thank you card to thief. BTW I ordered the key switch with the baja designs kit just in case. It probably would not be too hard to retrofit an existing kit. cost is $30.
  10. I just got off the phone with national cycle and they said that because a growing demand for d/s bikes they are going to start test fitting some d/s bikes. They said to call back in a week to see if they got the results. They suggested a shield called the deflector. It mounts to the bars in two spots. Looks to be a possible solution. try, http://www.nationalcycle.com/catalogue/deflectorScreens.html
  11. squidrow

    Trail Tech computer

    I made one out of aluminum that was about 1/8 inch thick. I cut it out with shears and finished it with a dremmel. It is mounted to the triple clamp under two bolts. I used neoprene washers to minimize vibration and put a slight bend in it to give it a better viewing angle. The one thing I dont like about the speedo is that the light only comes on for four seconds. Anyone have any ideas about how to keep it on longer.
  12. Thanks Chris, I like that one and I think it would work. I appreciate the reply.
  13. Hey guys, I am thinking of making a fairing (or buying if able) for my xr400. I am thinking something like what is on the Gs650's. Any idears...
  14. squidrow

    Footpegs> raised center or standard wide???

    I just put the tusk pegs on and they are a huge improvement over stock. I also drilled out the holes in the pegs and mounts and used some larger clevis pins to remove the wobble in the mounts. Very tight and solid.
  15. squidrow

    I Need a Tool Kit for XR400

    check bikebandit.com for a tool kit.