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    racing motocross, diesels, trail riding, snowboarding, wrenching
  1. 05mxdiesel

    Is 500 EXC right for me?

    I am 5'9 and the 500 is a hair tall for me as well. I've ridden tall bikes all my life though, you learn to scoot your butt. The Ktm is a purely off-road machine. I stripped mine down since all I need is a headlight, taillight and plate where I ride. I also have a Drz400 which sounds like a better choice for you. The drz400 can handle the road mileage a lot better.
  2. 05mxdiesel

    400 sm longevity?

    I am at 26k on mine with 21/18s. The first 9k was all road, the rest mostly dirt. All stock motor and internals. I beat the crap out of it in the florida sand. I change the oil at 500 miles. I am waiting till 30k for a top end rebuild.
  3. 05mxdiesel

    bike coolant

    Any brand with a dexcool version will be silicate and phosphate free. Also catapillar extended life, prestone all makes, super tech extended life. Those are a few off the top of my head that are ok to use.
  4. 05mxdiesel

    47 tooth steel sprocket

    Sunstars are nice and lightweight for steel.
  5. 05mxdiesel

    Wheel Bearings - Replacement

    I have over a 100$ in my rear wheel using oem parts. My stock set lasted 24k with a lot of that in the dirt. Only one bearing was notchy but I replaced everything and kept the other good bearings as spares. Not sure if oem is worth it considering aftermarket is about 25$.
  6. 05mxdiesel

    It All Depends on Your Perspective

    Suzukis have always been known to be the best turning bike and I've ridden them all. Also make sure your rebound in the front is set correctly or your front tire will push like crazy and not stick. I ride sand so mine is setup like a chopper with my front forks bottomed out in the clamps for straight line stability through whoops. No stabilizer needed.
  7. 05mxdiesel

    19" rear wheel on a 2001 DR-Z 400S ?

    Yes any 36 hole 19 will work. Although your options for dot tires will be limited. 18s work better because they have more sidewall for lower pressures.
  8. 05mxdiesel

    Rear rim ?

    Thanks guys.
  9. 05mxdiesel

    Rear rim ?

    Thanks guys.
  10. 05mxdiesel

    Rear rim ?

    So I have an 06 drzsm but I laced up 21/18s excels pretty much right after I bought it. I pulled the stock sm rims out the other day because I was bidding on a stock rear hub on eBay. Well I won the hub for cheap and was thinking I could use the front sm rim since it's a 3.25 versus the 4.25 rear rim and throw on a Shinko 244 or some 50/50 rear tire for when I don't want to wear out a fresh knobby. I want to run a 130/90/17 which I hate how square it is on the 4.25 rear rim. The stock rear spokes are slightly larger than the holes for the front rim. Can I drill the rim for the larger spokes? Anybody do this before.
  11. 05mxdiesel

    Music and Riding Q&A

    I wear earbuds under my sweat cap. I don't ride on a track anymore so I always have a backpack which holds my iphone. Plus I can hear when I'm getting a call.
  12. 05mxdiesel

    Best tires

    The 606 rear usually lasts me over 3000 miles. Using it to get to the trails and home on the road. So about 90/10 off-road/road and riding lots of sand. The sidewalks are very stiff. So once off-road lower your pressure. The 606 lasts period. I run a pirelli scorpion pro front. Replace front and rear at the same time.
  13. 05mxdiesel

    new bike rituals anyone?

    Don't peel off any of the factory warning stickers. That's a guarantee endo if do. Grease, check all bolts, ride. Hit an easy jump a bunch of times to break in the suspension.
  14. 05mxdiesel

    Future buyer beware! Drz400sm is a no-go!

    To me Its fun to make a slow 33hp overweight pig go fast. And then to see the high $$ exotics behind you. The reliability is just icing on the cake. There's a reason why travis pastrana rode a drz in baja. I was taught a long time ago that if you concentrate on improving your ability than the bike's, you will spend more time riding than wrenching and have more money in your pocket. Learn to ride and you will care less how much power something has.
  15. My dad took us there every year for the races from about 86 to the end. We also would spend a week in August camping and riding. I even had blackwater tires on my lt80. Scott Summers was the king when I went. As a kid I helped all the drunks dam the creeks up.