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  1. I've had my 03 drz400s up to an indicated 101 and I have noticed that the front end "floats around" a bit and it always seemed to be in response to the way the front fender happened to be flapping but I never felt that it was compromising my control of the front end. I routinely lean it through sweepers at an indicated 90+ and while the front is hardly as precise as a sportbike, I would not classify it as "twitchy." I would cast my vote with the folks who say to replace the front fender if this sort of thing bothers you.
  2. gtek

    DRZ sub-frame strength.

    Good question. Currently I am searching for racks to bolt to the subframe of my 03 drz400s, or I may even fab some up. Looking at the thing, it is apparent that geometry plays a crucial role... the closer to the front, the greater the load-bearing ability. Stick a big load (so to speak) up and to the rear, problems are sure to follow . . .my thought is to distribute the load as low and as forward as possible.
  3. gtek

    Want to ride Lake Buchanan TX, wanna join?

    Ride the damn thing to Burnet, ya ****in homo. . . . .currently have street tires on my bone-stock yet well-maintained 03 drz400s and have used it effectively on widely varied terrain in widely varied conditions and for extended rides; the only modification being appropriate rubber (full street/on-off raod/knobbies). Will be riding the hill country Sun Feb 25....hope to see you out there..... PS three words: cow creek road