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  1. supercross

    Thank You! Did I mention "Mental Diarrhea"? voice recog. only makes it worse! And be careful what you ask for!
  2. supercross

    I'm sorry, I guess I'm just *Old* (56), but I remember when there was No such thing as "Supercross"-The L.A. Coliseum and the "Peristyle" Jump were exciting, legendary and a game-changer. Everything in a stadium since then is about as gimmicky as "Freestyle" MX . Sadly it's more about profit than the purity of the sport, born in the natural terrain of outdoor events, but I can't get excited about a generic folded-up fake track with stupidly short straights and stunt show "jumps" that have the motorcycle in the air almost as much as on the ground...I'm not saying the guys riding aren't exceptional, just that I don't get exited watching StadiumCross. When I first began riding Roger DeCoster was the master of smooth, no drama millimeter perfect riding on the early Suzuki Rm370 or whatever they ran in the 500cc Class Heikki Mikkola was equally fast, but rode full sideways at every corner, and if he appeared to lack finesse, He made up for it with brute strength and physical endurance...I could list a hundred other names of riders that did amazing things on primitive (by today's standards) equipment, but I guess this post is an attempt to expose a few receptive younger riders to a historically formative era. But I'll probably just come across as a grumpy old dinosaur-which is OK too-we had a cold front come through today, so Flame Away if I come off as offensive, snobbish, whatever, the heat will be welcomed! Unadilla was a half day away back then and an annual "Must attend" event; Back then Bob Hanna was "Super Human"- I remember He refused to ride a poor handling works Yamaha 250 in Florida (Daytona If I remember right), and instead put Rock Stiff springs on a dead stock yz250d (or e I think), and Then proceeded to win BOTH 45 minute Motos! I saw Danny "Magoo" Chandler(R.I.P.) Devastate everyone at Unadilla on a Stone age Maico 490 (Anyone remember when Fox Air Shocks were the Cat's 'meow'?) -He was so far ahead every lap that he would STOP at the top of the steep uphill before the front straight, Then WAIT(!)... and Then proceed to look back while holding the front brake and blasting a deluge of rocks and dirt down the entire 3oo or so yards of uphill as the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc., riders attempted to avoid the Meteor Shower! (Reportedly Maico management was NOT at all Pleased! But the Crowd sure was!). There is a video with DeCoster and Lackey commenting that Magoo showed up at the gate in Carlsbad(I think) with NO Chest Protector! They thought he just forgot, but he said, "I don't need it, I'll get the hole-shot"(He did). The next year Chandler was riding for Honda. There's actually a youtube vid of him winning in 1982 on a Honda at Carlsbad. It was the ABC Precursor to SuperMoto- the short-lived "SuperBikers" TV creation that had AMA sanctioning and so you had 500cc MX/Supermoto bikes racing head to head with Harleys...smh. And Unadilla was WAY COOL, But it had some unwritten, rules, *Like* You Never drove there in a "Nice" (i.e. new/exotic car or truck)-AND You Never parked in a "Low spot"-Especially in a "Nice" ride. One plus was lots of Pretty girls, who usually responded with a smile and more;) like typically when Asked to "Show us your T***s!. Try *That* Today! Spectators on the back part of the track could see most of the course (binoculars helped), and the layout separated the "inside" and "outside" spectator areas in such a way that you had to walk a long way to get to the "OTHER" side. Which incidentally inspired customary 'Between moto' activities which were largely harmless. A perennial classic was the opposing crowds chanting: "The Other Sucks!" (I know-Lame by today's standards, but nobody got shot either). Another "fun" activity-besides "girl watching" and fireworks, was launching water balloons from a 3 person "Human framed" slingshot made from a Large funnel (to hold the balloon), And a pair of several foot long lengths of surgical tubing attached to the funnel and held over the shoulders of the trajectory team. I can only guesstimate, but those Balloons-usually 6 or 8 inches in diameter at times- would fly from the far back hill all the way to the front straight when sent at the optimal trajectory! We got there early enough one year, and had a ~16ft. scaffold assembled and anchored in the back of our pickup, That we got THE highest spot on the back hill! (Spectators paid with some beer or a "lefty" to watch from the Lower (8ft.) level, While The "Penthouse", at 16ft above the truck bed, was ours (With Coolers, Grill and "Borrowed" Beach Umbrellas there were 5 or 6 of us). I remember we were smart enough to fasten some 2x6 vertical planks to the sides in case of Tequila Napping! Then, in between Motos, the Balloon Mortar crew approached us, and "bought" some "Penthouse" footage with inebriates, And with a plan! They proceeded to launch balloons at a very steep upward angle, and if I remember correctly, they got 4 or 5 in the air before the first landed! Needless to say, the "victims" ( they kept most balloons at about 6" or so-presumably for better distance and perhaps less risk of injury from a direct hit) were still at least 500-1000ft. away, and had No clue as to where the launch site was! And then there was the inevitable idiot behavior, like burning the 1920's style outhouse's to the ground after the races were over- and also some moron parking his Brand New Porsche in a Low spot-A spot, BTW, where he couldn't even see any of the track-And THEN he stood guard on his New ride the Entire weekend!, Spewing threats and profanity at anyone-(most of whom were inebriated)-Who *Dared* to walk(stumble?) within 5 feet or so of his "Precious"! (Mind you, most surrounding vehicles were well used trucks, and if you stood on the bedsides or higher-and many were lifted-you could get a clear view of the track). Well this clown was about 100ft. down from us, and when we saw a crowd gather and nearby vehicles "move" a safe distance away, We knew what was next. That sort of thing gradually took the fun out of the Non-Race part of the weekend, but in case you hadn't guessed, that "New" car went up in smoke. Anyway, natural terrain always seemed to be a better test of rider talent and endurance -when was the last time you saw a 45min moto, +2laps? Not in a stadium as far as I know. Nothing like seeing factory 500's wide open for 15 or 20 seconds in top gear fighting for best of 3 or 4 "Natural" berms on the next corner! As good as Unadilla has been One event is still WAY more memorable, Somehow, by pure happenstance, our family took a month long vacation in Europe in 1982, and Magically(!)- we (my Brother and I) saw a poster in store window in Ettelbruck Luxemburg the weekend of the World MX GP Championship! We had no clue beforehand-it was pure coincidental dumb luck! Heading out of town to the "Track" (A crudely bulldozed path through some steep hills and and some ribbon-ed off fields) We encountered 2 or 3 conscripts walking in the opposite direction of a massive crowd, Trying to stop as many/all? pedestrians in order to extract some random amount of currency-and after apparently running out of "tickets"! Ha! (we walked in circles a few times until they focused on many others passing through unimpeded!). Event Crowd control was non-existent, and as the vid mentions, a D-bag spectator whacked Graham Noyce on the throttle hand with a ~2inch diameter stick. I actually saw it. They were throwing rocks and bottles as well. Crowd control was on par with Pro Rally Group B of the era, I.e., stand on the track until the last second, then scurry to the side to avoid being the "Bug" on the windshield. Also not mentioned in the vid, but consistent with Brad's confidence was that in the 2nd Moto Brad had a different set of leathers that said "Good As Gold" across the A$$! The vid isn't the best quality, but the story is bang on. Great Memory!
  3. It's raining, I'm bored-And "Boring"-I've been told, But only by people that don't count And So maybe this will have some entertainment value-or not... About the proverbial "Enemy" (Vocabulary word for the day) Digression warning-(I'm just going to add some mental diarrhea to the existing pile I've already deposited!). OK, I know a guy that owns Diesel repair shop and a small fleet of tri-axle dumps, He was the First person I ever heard casually refer to his Truck Drivers as "The Enemy". Out of 10 or so Drivers, only 1 or 2 would get more than a month out of a set of shoes and drums (which is pretty common- as crazy as it sounds!) , and most, if not all, had snapped an axle shaft at least once...a Year. I don't know the brand of Rear, but I think they were all Rockwells- Anyway, He runs Macks and Peterbuilts and a lot of the running gear was interchangeable-all his trucks are "Pre-Emmision" and the Macks now have mostly Cat Power, etc.. OK, the axle thing. Now when an axle snapped, It ALWAYS snapped right where the splines ended, leaving you with the broken bit almost impossible to retrieve with out total disassembly (3rd member drop out, often on site-Like "UN-towable", AND Fully loaded-Sound like fun?). So I commented that "They should reduce the axle shaft diameter out at the flange end", "So when it inevitably breaks, it'll be an easy fix". Every generic Snow Thrower I've ever seen has Fusible link "Shear Bolts" on the auger so that the gearbox doesn't explode the first time the hapless owner sucks up a frozen newspaper or doormat... About a month later I ran into My buddy at the local watering hole, and he told me he was going to buy me beer for the next 20 years! He was exaggerating a bit, But He was HAPPY! He had his mechanic take a set of axles and grind an eighth inch deep groove out near the flange, and like clockwork, BANG!-another snapped axle, except this time it snapped at the flange end, making the repair WAY quicker and easier. Over time he determined the ideal depth of the relief and showed me an axle that had snapped at the flange end, But was also twisted slightly just where the splines exit the carrier. And now there are collection of mostly new axles at his shop-and on his service truck, already modified to snap at the flange end, But only when pushed to nearly the same point as what caused previous failures. Specifically; Fully loaded, Low hole 1st, and usually trying to pull out of a foundation excavation or similar upgrade. I'm certain I didn't "Invent" this idea, but My friend isn't much on "The Nerd Box", and he hadn't encountered anyone in his business that had heard of or tried the same. This Mod is probably less than ideal for most applications, but in this case it seems to work well-It's been probably 10 or more years since He started modifying axles, and with all his work being short haul and time critical, well let's just say I can still play the "You owe me a Beer" card! So the point-If there is one, is that it sounds like "The Enemy" was responsible for your cylinder...
  4. It sounds like the work was done by a "New" employee or someone that is clueless/doesn't care-In other words, *Not* the Owner. Unfortunately "One Man Operations" are rare-and often not economically feasible, So once someone makes a Name as Pro in their field, and the work starts to flow in, maybe The guy that "did it all" needs to hire some help... A scenario like I described is actually all Too common. Even when someone has performed decent work for months or even years, it would be prudent if the Owner performed at least a quick visual inspection before the product went out the door. It doesn't need to be done in a way that the "Tech" feels like he/she is being treated like a suspect, more like take pride in your work-put a sticker on it with your initials "kind of thing". The fact that the builder stood behind "his" work 100% speaks volumes. It sounds like you've taken the educated calm approach and this time your cylinder will get the Owners personal attention and that should result in a good outcome. Too bad about the lost time, but the only way to insure against that sort of thing is to have a spare bike-or 2... Maybe 3?
  5. When I first started riding a "minibike" (lawnmower type-1960's), My Dad found a big open field, and rigged up a throttle stop so that the thing would only go walking speed at first. Within a few days I was riding a series of exercises (throttle stop removed) designed to hone skills-an improvised oval, then an oval on a slight embankment, then a figure 8 on the same, and finally moving on from an automatic clutch-to a Bridgestone 65cc "street bike", with a "Rotary" transmission! As you upshifted through 1-2-3, you could go back down, -OR up again to Neutral! But 1 more "upshift"-(especially scary at speed), and you were back in 1st! And yes, this was the same company that still makes tires...
  6. Wankers... the Officer should have fired it up and given it the "20.000RPM" integrity test! Bet that woulda' had the hood rats riled! Now if this was Moscow, they'd not even bother unless these A-hats were stunting (as opposed to riding w/o docs), BUT-If they were pulling that crap on the video-The abandoned bike would have been "executed", and the rest would have been engaged in a "Contact pursuit" with a 4 wheeled attack vehicle!
  7. Those are the Same guys that Bragged about *ALL* the trim they were gettin' back in HS! Yeah, I know the type well...If you think you've seen "Too Cool", You need to take/torture yourself on a self-imposed "Exile-Vacation" to the land of Stellar Cretins, Nozzles, and various and other World Class (fill-in-blank) D-bags! And that would (Of Course) be New Jersey-But Strictly in the name of Science, Mind you(!). Don't get me wrong, we do have good people here but we also have an overabundance of "Jersey Shore" types that would make your "Canada Rudes" look like a Bunch of Nuns playing Bingo! I can say this with relative objectivity, since I was the most Sarcastic condescending all-knowing A-hole ever born when I was in my teens. And Then I moved to New Jersey...And realized that I was never even in contention. I hope I've mellowed with age-but the keyboard doesn't always convey the message as you had hoped.
  8. Ahhh! Drum brakes! they bring back some Memories! I had a 1975 wr250 Husky, and many an Enduro/trail ride, etc. would drown the brakes in a mix of mud/water/swampslime. So even if you Rode the brakes to "dry" them out, you had AT LEAST~ 5-10 seconds of NOTHING! This was where my Brother and I learned the importance of "Center punching" the guy in front of you to slow down. This rarely caused a problem, especially if you knew the guy, but if you went a bit to the side-Yikes! Handlebar to the back, front wheel to the leg(of the guy in front) and other *Not Good* things. Another trick was to grind away (~1/2"wide) channels in the lining such that you would have 3 or 4 "pads" rather than a continuous lining. This would help purge mud and water (a bit), but at the expense of lining life. Some guys tried grinding on an angle, or a chevron, or drilling holes in the backing plate(I always thought this would just let water in more than out...). And given that you would run out of cam rotation before the linings were even half worn, we routinely shimmed the shoes or cam (depending on the brand). I even welded up a custom actuator arm (longer-but with the original cable hook in place) and that gave more leverage, and then, if I ran out of adjustment on a long Enduro, since I had retained the original cable end anchor point-less leverage-(stock location), at least I had brakes again! Sounds silly now, but back then a lot of those stock brakes couldn't lock the front wheel on high traction dirt-As a result-given my "High Tech" brake mod, I could start mid field in a hare scramble, and by the time we left the "spectator" start field, I passed all but the fastest guys, and even a few of them! This was back when a fair number of riders believed that the front brake was dangerous and not to be used except perhaps at very low speeds on steep downhills... I credit my Trials background for being able beat riders with better equipment, more skill, better physical conditioning, etc. As equipment got better, I learned how to setup/revalve forks and shocks, as well as riding my 500 in the sand runs, and my 250 in the rock runs (for those who know district 6) Oh yea, as far as rear brakes, I once rode the second half of the old Sandy Lane Enduro on a 1990 YZ250 with no rear brake after another rider came out of the woods, back onto the trail, and snapped off my rear brake pedal. I still hung with all the guys (B riders) on my minute.
  9. +1 on the Innovate wide band O2 meter. real time data logging, the whole deal-older LM's are on ebay for under $100 from time to time. They even have a clamp on O2 holder if you just want to drill a hole and don't have access to a welder. Also, *IMPORTANT* , take "The" part (head pipe) off or disconnect any/all electronics prior to welding on anything with anything that uses electricity. And this applies to any car built after 1966 or so as well. Once saw a "Professional" welder (from a distance-or I would have intervened) fry an ECU and Cab display on a Volvo loader, costing thousands in parts and labor, nevermind lost revenue while the machine sat idle for almost 2 months as parts were "sourced" from Europe (probably manufactured to order). The worst part of the whole thing is that the machine Was PLASTERED with "DO NOT WELD WITHOUT REMOVING THE MASTER DISCONNECT!" Stickers in Billboard size letters! Than another member posted about a shop mechanic that welded on a bus, frying the ECU for the Engine and the Allison Trans.! and some other bits as well I think. Very cool Looking scoot BTW!
  10. "Too much wisdom in one post! Ration next time." Sorry, I'm a Newbie, only joined back in 2006 when Thumper Forum was 4t only (just bought an XR400 to keep in NJ-my XR660 is in CA at my Brother's for our West Coast/Baja rides) Sorry-TMI again, dang it!
  11. NAH! put some duck tape on that intake thingy, File down that odd spot on the piston- And *maybe* put a new circlip (that big thing about near the top of the piston- Or just leave it out), Then Drill a hole in the bottom of the crankcase and flush it with drain oil-wash that with drain gas, then Epoxy it up (Silicone won't hold-don't ask me why i know this, but somehow it won't), and it wudn't hurt to 250grit that cylinder innards if you put the big circlip back in. PS, the circlip thing adds power though, so depending on $, you decide. Also, dirt bikes run better with a loose piston- But if it gets too loose, you can take and clamp it in a vise, then center punch it everywhere it looks wore. If it gets over tight, Just file it again! Glad I could Help.
  12. Buy a "Slip 'N Slide", Wash bike on it, Charge($) neighbor kids to use it, An hour or so later they will have "Wallowed" up all the mud and taken it Home to "Mom", Problem Solved!
  13. That's a given for any Real "Pro", BUT Excellent Advice for those that aren't experienced with welding on vehicles with electronics! VERY GOOD Info for the average guy! I saw A So-Called Pro Fry the touchscreen and computer on pretty new Volvo Wheel Loader just by Hardfacing the Bucket without pulling the Disconnect-Which had a "Welder Warning" label right next to it! It ended up costing a couple weeks Down-Time on the Loader, and about $3K in parts and labor!!!
  14. That's a possibility. Regards, Mike P.S., I have a factory NOS topend kit "D" size piston and all gaskets...been sitting in a box since 1994...
  15. yeah, I think "OCD" isn't really gonna work for you. I mean, *LIKE*, You not only have DIRT on the frame, YOU POSTED A PICTURE OF IT!!! OCD Officially Ruled out!!!...you'll have to go with "whatever"