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  1. I have 06 yzf 450. i don't have the zip adjustment.. is the regular screw hard to get at?
  2. My bike was running lean on the stock jetting switched to the 170 main and 48 pilot. Now I whe nI 'm going along bogging in 1st gear and give it gas quick it bogs then kicks in and runs awesome.... Where do I go from here?? also came into a corner after getting on it and the bike just died like it got to much fuel??? Thanks for the info!!! Joel
  3. Is there a trick to getting the spark pug out?? The oil is for the tranny and motor? Is spectro good oil? What does running lean mean? Thanks, Joel
  4. I went with the blue one.. I drove 400 miles round trip to get it.. Saved $1000.00 local dealer wanted 6499 plus tax.. went to ny got out the door for 5990.. I already installed the factory concept skid plate.. Which goes on real nice.. my radiator braces are on backorder.. Anyone have the new factory concept gaurds?? Also wondering if anyone uses the sx4 spectro oil?? I think that is what I will use. Also have a jetting question I hear people are using a 48 jet and 170 main... Should I do this I live in VT and I ride between 200 and 600 above sea. The nicest thing I have noticed about my bike is the suspension!!! tracks thru the woops nice. Have not even adjusted it for my weight... Thanks, Joel