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  1. I use acerbis pro ralley, skid plate still stock
  2. Nice link but the guy who wrote it didn't know 1 6/8 = 1 3/4 which is a lot easier to understand and I'm not really sure how you measure 7/8's turning a screw when the carb is on a slant. ref fue screw on link. as for the forks seem like making a 3mm adustment on a fork tube would be like pissing up a rope only thing that happens is your hands get wet. I may just need more practice at making small adjustments on heavy items.
  3. I stagger the pink wire in the connector so it doesn't make contact with anything
  4. Hay Doug sounds like maybe I should open top of air box and go to a 48 pilot. Are you running 48 or stock with JD kit? is the top of you air box moded?
  5. Hay Scott where do you ride around Petaluma? I 'm Benicia
  6. Yes I removed smog, removed fuel screw to put in white brothers but it hit the starter so I replace with the shorten kouba fuel screw
  7. how tall are you? was it to short legs to ground or legs to foot pegs? I've been thinking about shaving the foam down on my seat, gel seat may be better.
  8. Did the drink help
  9. Good call thanks
  10. Ya exhaust is basicly straight through, fs is at 1 1/8 I ride at sea level to 2500 ft. The starter almost seemed like it over heated but was fine the rest of the day so it could have been low battery unsure. I notice in the JD instructions it says if you have exhaust mods and air box to test drive with 170main. The bike was still poping on decel so maybe it's a little lean yet. I did enjoy the fact after mod's with my 260lb ass foreword on the seat to the gas tank it did a nice 3rd gear wheelie. The power was very managable I like what I got for $120.00 I'm just not dialed in yet. I think the kouba fs maybe viberating on me when I installed the o ring did not come out with the old fs so maybe need to dig it out and re-install.
  11. Hi guys I did all modes including pink wire. I took out the 450x for a test run. It ran really nice for about 20min. I had stop to watch my son ride for about 10min and I went to start the x and it acted like the battery was dead, I waited another min. tried again same thing the starter tried to turn but didn't. after a couple of min. the starter would turn but bike would not fire. After a couple more min. the bike fired and seem to run fine except for a stalling problem ever so often. Let the tinkering continue. You guys think maybe I should try the 170main jet that came with the jd kit? any idea's?
  12. On the 450x baffle insert you have a series of baffles at the end the next stage is equal to a muffler it is a larger pipe with a smaller pipe inside and holes drilled in the smaller pipe to deaden sound. The spark arrester is the screen inside the end cap held on by 4 screws.
  13. Hay guys I got the mod's done, weather didn't hold last weekend. I'm taking it out this weekend. When I did the air box mod I added some screen to cover the side openings. I just cut to size and use rtv to keep in place. I still had a little poping after rejetting,airbox, and smog removal so I cut all but the last 4" off the baffle and removed packing and the popping seems to be gone. I will write agian after op's check
  14. Just to keep it real the JD kit on the net is $65.00 plus shipping, you are correct the instructions are very easy to understand. I would agree that it seems to be worth the money, 3 jets,2 needles. If it solved the problem will have been well worth every pennie.
  15. Thank you for the tip but I bit the bullet and put out the $120.00 for the parts. I have already cut the air box and I am installing the JD kit, smog removal kit, and short mix screw this weekend. If the weather stays good I will get out for the ops check this weekend. I hope to be able to report back soon that it was money well sent. If you don't hear back from me that means I created a bike way above my riding skills and have manage to kill myself on it.