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  1. CheM

    xr650r what mikuni carb is this?

    That is the plan for this weekend, so far i got it to idle, so i guess that is step one(30 pilot), but anything other than idle it seems to be very lean still.
  2. CheM

    xr650r what mikuni carb is this?

    no worries... appreciate it a lot, that's exactly whats on my carb, so i guess i have a TM40, which is good news. The carb is 1month old that came on the bike i just bought, it needs tuning badly but now that i know what carb it is i can go from there.
  3. CheM

    xr650r what mikuni carb is this?

    i would appreciate that. I still haven't removed it but plan to change the jets to see if i can get it running correctly. Thanks everyone else who has responded
  4. CheM

    xr650r what mikuni carb is this?

    the thing that seems to different from this carb and the pictures i see online is the pilot air screw.... its in the bowl is this how the TM40 is? pictures i see of the HSR online have it placed next to the fuel inlet.
  5. Just got my "new" 2003 xr650r, came with a Mikuni carb that needs some tuning. I would like to identify what version it is, to better help me attempt to jet it. i was told it was an HSR, the only markings i see are "t40" on it...
  6. I picked up a 2001 wr250f, first 4stroke (had many 2 strokes from a CR500 to a YZ2500). Now i read the forums a bit, and know about the autodecompression cams (03+)... (bought one on ebay, installing it later) Now my question is, maybe more with jetting. Say the bike is cold.... open the choke, hit the gas one or two times..... find TDC, use decompressor to pass the hard point, move lever up, kick and it starts right up (no problem right?). Now once hot... if all i do is find TDC, use decompresor to pass the hard point and kick it , it wont fire. If i pull out the hot start, it still wont start. I have to pull out the hot start, use the decompressor, kick it over 5-6 times to clear it out. I then find tdc one good kick and it starts no problem. is this normal? do these engines flood this easily? or maybe its my jetting? (bike once on, idles great and has plenty of power)
  7. ... well i just bought a 2001 wr250f... guy who owned it... but could never really get it started (didnt help he was short). So i picked it up for a decent price (1400)... and it came with a 500 repair/service bill from the nearby yamaha dealership.... They checked the valves/shimmed them... changed the oil... changed fork tube oil... new chain...etc etc. Now, i can get this bike started, but its a pain and after reading on here i see 03+ exhaust cam is probably the answer. My question is..... since the valves were jsut checked , should i bother checking them again? (ive never done this). will an OEM vs hotcams make a difference in the valves needing to be adjusted? Since i cant seem to find a good deal on an OEM cam, can i just order a hotcams exhaust cam? or must i install both exhaust and intake?
  8. CheM

    SSR 125CC what kind of oil?

    I bought an E2 SSR 125CC pit bike.... it was already broken in when i bought it, but i figure its now time for an oil change. Whats recommended? (has about 4 tanks on the current oil) Do these things have a filter? any other kind of maintenance i should do?
  9. ill take the clutch out today and inspect it..... i think it still had a little oil in there, since it didnt dump it all out at once.... we where riding this way for about 20mins... with a slow leak.
  10. Well my YZ250 (97).... loss its tranny oil (looks like from the gasket) and i didn't notice.... After riding in the dunes for a while, i shut it down and saw that it had oil everywhere. after 5mins rest, i tried to start it to head back to camp... and nothing, few kicks then all of a sudden it got "stuck" and wouldn't kick over. I got my truck and hauled it home.... Now.... the engine is no longer "stuck" it will kickover (i did it by hand)... but what could the lack of oil have caused? Tranny toast? clutch? engine? Thanks in advance!